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Preseason Week 3 NFL Winners & Losers

Funny how there are more losers every week than winners in the League. Also curious how one former Heisman winner manages to end up in the loser bracket.

New England Patriots Look Fine With Jimmy Garoppolo Starting Season Without Tom Brady

New England Patriots fans will get a sneak peek at life after Tom Brady’s retirement party this year as Jimmy Garoppolo takes the wheel for the first four games of the regular season.

Roger Goodell’s ‘State of the NFL’ Address Recap: Nothing Will Change

Roger Goodell held his annual State Of The NFL Address Friday. He opened up with the usual positive notes about the season and the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. Goodell did mention the challenges of the 2014 season and stated that the NFL is making real progress

NFL Finally Puts Out Statement After Tom Brady ‘Deflate Gate’ Press Conference

It took Tom Brady's humorous and head scratching press conference to force the NFL to finally say something about Deflate Gate. Interestingly enough, Brady said that he hadn't spoken yet to the NFL

WATCH: ‘Deflate Gate’ Blows Up As Tom Brady Speaks

In case you missed the Tom Brady press conference about Deflate Gate, you need to check it out above. It was much more entertaining than the AFC Title Game

Deflating Deflate Gate

The Patriots are involved in another possible cheating scandal. They are being investigated for providing footballs that were under inflated. The NFL is doing the investigation

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