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Amazon’s cloud rains down hard on customers

Many times, we've written about what happens when cloud computing storage goes wrong, and Amazon Web Services customers found out the hard way Tuesday. Amazon's cloud, easily the world's largest provider

Leslie Jones proves the Cloud not always safe

Leslie Jones Fighting More than Ghosts with a Hacked Cloud

Why is the tech niche so slow to pick up & use its own technology?

When you think about the most talked about concepts in tech at the moment you will probably think of cloud computing and big data – everyone in the tech niche is talking about these two things at the moment and in particular how they can help the enterprise in terms of both functionality and business progression.

Can we ever secure the cloud?

Cloud computing and big data are both taking the world by storm and are hot topics on all technology related conversations.

How will the cloud change personal computers?

Over the last couple of years we have seen the adoption of cloud computing within the business sector and we have seen it change the computing landscape drastically.

How Cloud Computing is shaping the future of technology

The term “cloud computing” is probably one of the most commonly mentioned buzz words in technology today. Many people misunderstand its meaning and it often brings to mind data literally being thrown up into the air which in turn creates distrust in the concept.

The Future Of Cloud Computing Is Cloudy

Every minute of every day there are new applications being launched that provide services to us via the cloud. From photograph storage and printing to social media to managing and performing transactions almost everything we do today on our computers is managed, stored and run from within this ever growing cloud that we all know so well but understand so little about.

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