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Harley-Davidson goes electric, Trump’s Summer Slam plus Google’s still listening

Harley Davidson brings out LiveWire, their electric motorcyle, Google admits to listening in while Donald Trump has his social media summit.

Nancy Pelosi: The one woman Donald Trump can’t control

Nancy Pelosi is one woman who can drive Donald Trump crazy with just a simple sentence. How the two will have to work to get through 2020.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

Democrats revive ‘net neutrality’ battle while electric cars go mainstream again

Democrats bring back the net neutrality battle with Republicans, battery operated cars making a comeback and AT&T focuses on streaming with Time Warner merger.

Donald Trump’s Crisis Talk Fact Check

Donald Trump's Oval Office speech certainly was able to get the media distracted from Bob Mueller's Russia investigation, but the facts didn't match up with the president's statements. Here's what's real.

Fake News: Iran’s $150 billion, Illinois taxes and listeria outbreak

Hottest fake news stories included a national listeria outbreak, Justin Trudeau installing a United Nations flag in Canada, Donald Trump's $150 billion Iran claim, and no kneeling at George Bush funeral.

Donald Trump’s border wall fiction plus Michael Cohen’s 3 years in prison

At this point, most Americans realize that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the border wall; he just needs a fighting point to keep his base happy while former layer Michael Cohen receives a 3-year prison sentence.

Donald Trump breaking John Kelly pledge plus Matt Whitaker probes begin

Donald Trump isn't one that people trust to keep his word, and his pledge to not fire John Kelly looks to be ending soon. Chuck Schumer is beginning a probe into Matt Whitaker and his White House contacts.

Donald Trump learns how quickly supporters turn on immigration plan

Donald Trump's latest immigration reform plan has got everyone from Senator Chuck Schumer to conservatives and diehard supporters feeling the President is letting everyone down.

Donald Trump just can’t give up on repealing Obamacare

Donald Trump tried reaching out to Democrats again to repeal and replace Obamacare but as with the Republican party, no one is interested in working with him.

Mitch McConnell publicly fine with Donald Trump, just not privately

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might have publicly downplayed the jaw-dropping reports that President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to a pair of Russian diplomats in the Oval Office on Tuesday, but privately he is pleading

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