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MMA Weekly: Rockhold On Weidman & Great UFC Fights Ahead

Featuring three massive UFC cards—one, UFC 194, being the largest of the year—this week in MMA will go down in history as one of the craziest (and best) ever. In fact, there were so many solid fights and impressive results that it would be difficult to recap all of the action.

UFC 187 Hot Ticket Preview: Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson One To Watch

UFC 187 lost some luster when Jon Jones got suspended and stripped of his belt. That much is obvious. Still, this event should be well worth the $55 to catch the pay per view.

A Case For Ronda Rousey Being UFC Number One Pound For Pound

As I type this, the lovely and dangerous Ronda Rousey sits at number six on the official UFC pound for pound rankings. While she is miles ahead of any other female on the pound for pound list, there is a case to be made for her being higher.

Knocking Out 2014 UFC MMA Style: Ronda Rousey Death Stare Rules

2014 has come and gone; now it feels like 2015 has hit us like a ton of bricks or a UFC MMA fighter. The UFC looks to get even bigger and better

Top 10 Best UFC Fighters: 2014 & 2015 Season

2014 saw a lot of mayhem inside the Octagon and a bit of chaos outside of it as well thanks to the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl. Like each and every year careers were made and some faded into the abyss.

Top 10 UFC Fights I Would Love To See

If I were running the UFC I would first need a gallon of coffee a day to keep the schedule that Dana White has to keep. Next I would start thinking about all the fights that I would want to make happen.

2014 Baddest & Best UFC Fighters

Here are the top 10 baddest UFC fighters of 2014. MMA UFC is growing leaps and bounds and the fighters are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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