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NFL Winners & Losers Conference Championships 2016

Only two games from which to choose winners and losers this week. Yet the importance of the wins and losses are all the more important.

Carson Palmer’s Cardinals choke up on Cam Newton’s Panthers: 2016 NFC Championship Game

If you thought Carolina beat teams down in the regular season, they have taken it to another level in the postseason.

Packers vs Cardinals: NFL Divisional Round Playoffs Indepth Recap

My game notes read "long game," as the Packers and Cardinals headed into the fourth quarter of what would transform into an instant classic.

Cam Newton & Carson Palmer Leading NFL MVP Race Heading into Postseason

The regular season is over, Wild Card weekend is quickly approaching, and the NFL MVP race is only heating up. Right now, the top two candidates come from the top two seeds in the NFC—the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Start Em Sit Em: Carson Palmer & Joseph Randle

The New York Giants and Washington Redskins kick off Week 3 Thursday, which means it’s time to set those lineups for Fantasy Football again. Here’s a little bit of help on who to put where for this week:

Arizona Cardinals Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

In 2013, the Arizona Cardinals finished 10-6 but were held out of the playoffs because of the tough competition in the NFC West division. Things were looking great for the Cards in 2014 though: head coach Bruce Arians infused a winning attitude into the team

There’s A Reason To Protect NFL Quarterbacks

If you saw yesterday’s game between Arizona and Carolina you saw one team at a huge disadvantage. The Cardinals had no choice but to start their third stringer, Ryan Lindley, after Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton

Best & Worst NFL Performances Of 2014

This 2014 edition of the NFL has been one that is not easy to figure out. One week sees great performances from a team only to watch them crash and burn a couple weeks later. It is hard to trust a team in this kind of fluid atmosphere. I can't imagine trying to bet real money on these games. The outcomes are never a given. The Rams just beat Denver in a game that was not even close. No expert, on TV or elsewhere, called that shot.

Scraping Bottom With NFL’s Worst Starting Quarterbacks 2014 Season

If you see your favorite NFL team connected with our list of the worst NFL starting quarterbacks here, you may need to have a stiff drink. Your upcoming football season is not likely to end with any confetti

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