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Remembering the Dead: A History of failed smartphones

Remember those smartphones the were going to revolutionize technology? Here's a brief history of those that wound up losing that battle.

It’s the Year of the Underdogs, Nokia 3310 is Back

2017 could be the year of the underdogs. Former cellphone giant Nokia is making a comeback. Like Nokia, Blackberry is also digging itself out of the grave with new Android-based phones and Nintendo is making waves

Has Nokia and Blackberry returned from the dead?

Nokia and Blackberry are back from the dead as androids. Nice premise for a sci-fi movie but this is real life. Nokia has officially unveiled a new Android-powered smartphone which is a part from its old Nokia X line called the Nokia 6

Blackberry is dead along with Qwerty phones

A couple weeks ago, Blackberry confirmed that it will no longer be manufacturing its own phones after the lackluster reception of the Blackberry Priv. It looks like adopting the Android operating system

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