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Vote for your favorite ‘Black Sails’ pirate blu-ray giveaway

Since we keep hearing about getting out to vote today, why not vote for something that's way more fun. And what's way more fun than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Voting for your favorite pirate from Black Sails, that's what.

‘Black Sails’ Zach McGowan talks about a Pirate’s Last Words

Starz 'Black Sails' Season 3 Blu-ray DVD box set is about to hit on Nov 8 so there's plenty to check out in the latest feature showing Zack McGowan, who plays Charles Vane and Tom Hopper (Billy Bones) talking about a pirate's last words.

Starz ‘Black Sails’ Season 2 Blu-Ray Box Set Giveaway

Starz hit show "Black Sails" will be gearing up for Season 3 in early 2016, but two lucky readers can get caught up with a free blu-ray box of Season 2, courtesy of our friends at Anchor Bay Entertainment.

BLACK SAILS Man O War Clip Hits For Season 2 Box Set

Anchor Bay Entertainment just released a special featurette for their series Black Sails, which will be entering its third season in early 2016. The show is an action-drama set on New Providence Island and is a prequel to the well-known novel Treasure Island.

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