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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ tops box office weekend again as ‘Stuber’ falls flat

Spider-Man: Far From Home topped the box office charts for a second week while Stuber failed to catch on. Crawl did the best for a wide release horror film.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ tops July 4 holiday box office weekend, ‘Toy Story 4’ second spot

Sonys Spider-Man: Far From Home topped the box office July 4 holiday weekend pushing Toy Story 4 down to second place. No franchise or superhero fatigue here.

‘Toy Story 4’ second-week topping box office beating ‘Annabelle,’ Beatles and Chucky

Toy Story 4 beat out Annabelle and the Beatles Yesterday to top the box office charts a second consecutive week. The Childs Play reboot bombed.

Summer 2019 will be a horror fest: Chucky, Annabelle, ‘Ma’ plus zombies, of course

Summer is usually with action and comedy escape, but 2019 will see plenty of horror creeping into theaters.

Top 10 horror collectibles every hardcore fan should have

Whether you're a budding horror fan or hardcore one, here's the horror collectibles that you'll want in your collection or you can use it as a handy holiday gift guide of ideas for that fanatic in your life.

Dismal box office gives Mayweather vs McGregor number 8 spot

The weekend box office had a lot going against it, but it's survived worse with Hurricane Sandy and winter months, but August continues being a drop the crap movies month so dismal numbers are expected.

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