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Tag: Amandla Stenberg

Calling Out Black Culture Appropriation: For the Record

Last weekend, Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg “checked” Kylie Jenner for posting a picture of herself wearing corn rolls making the conversation about black appropriation more mainstream than usual.

Invisible Brandy, Chris Brown Hostage Aunt & Andy Cohen Caves In

It is Wednesday folks and the rumor mill is all kinds of crazy today from Andy Cohen and Laverne Cox caving in to pressure and apologizing for something they didn't have to.

50 Cent No More, Kylie Jenner Controversy & Bill Cosby’s Women

It's the beginning of a new hot week, and the drought in LA plus this heatwave across the country must be doing funny things to celebs like making 50 Cent blow all his money and now he's running to the government to help him out with bankruptcy.

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