SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 13: Natalie Creates Blindside Magic With Jon Misch

SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 13 with jon mische outed

On this week’s Survivor, after Alec being voted off last week, there are six survivors remaining. Discussions centered on Alec having been voted off when some of the remaining survivors had other plans to eliminate Keith instead. The castaways started to figure out that Natalie switched her vote at the last minute in an effort to get rid of Alec. This angered them because they felt Keith was a bigger threat to them than Alec was. Natalie told Keith that she and Baylor were protecting Keith from elimination.

For this week’s Reward Challenge Jeff announced that the survivors would be divided into two teams. Once divided team members would be tied together to complete a race through a tunnel created from hay. Along the way, the survivors needed to get past hitching posts to a pool. They were to untie a bucket and fill it with water before walking up a large teeter totter while carrying the bucket of water. The water then had to be poured into a bucket that was larger than the one they were carrying. Upon filling the bucket a gate was lowered and the two teams had to race to be the first to put together a plank puzzle correctly.

Jeff then announced that the winning team would be sent to Survivor’s version of a spa. They were promised that everyone on the winning team would be able to take a shower for half an hour followed by a massage. They would then be given food to eat such as seared steaks, brownies, and cookies, provided by the spa.

The survivors were then divided into the blue team and the yellow team. The blue team consisted of Keith, Missy, and Jon. The yellow team consisted of Natalie, Baylor and Jaclyn. At one point during the race Missy stumbled and hurt her ankle right before having to climb the teeter totter. Keith, Missy and Jon ended up winning the Reward Challenge. Jaclyn then expressed her displeasure that Jon was going to get to enjoy the rewards and she was not. He angrily fired back that maybe he wasn’t going to go to the spa. Jon then announced he was giving his spot at the spa to Baylor. He said that by sending Baylor in his place she and Missy, as daughter and mother, would never forget the experience of being able to relax at this spa together.

Keith, Missy and Baylor were then asked to decide who they were sending to Exile Island. They chose Natalie, who happily went without question. This resulted in Jon and Jaclyn heading back to the camp together. When Keith, Missy, and Baylor got to the spa they enjoyed some refreshing drinks while taking in the sight of real food. Baylor stated that she and Natalie were determined to get Jon voted off. Keith then offered to look at Missy’s ankle. Missy stated that for the next couple of days she was determined to keep up with the game even if she had to resort to crawling.

Back at camp Jon and Jaclyn discussed how Natalie screwed everything up by voting Alec off instead of Keith. Jon stated that this was a bad mistake on Natalie’s part because it kept Keith in the competition and he was a threat to the other survivors. Jaclyn stated that if Keith continued to remain safe in the competition it would become more obvious what a huge mistake Natalie made.
While on Exile Island, Natalie got emotional about the fact that her sister Nadiya had been voted off the island in the beginning of the season. She said that she wanted to try to use her sister’s elimination as motivation to keep her going in the competition rather than letting it bring her down.

When Keith, Missy, and Baylor arrived at the site of the elimination challenge the next day, Natalie returned from Exile Island as well to find that Missy and Baylor had saved some rice from the previous day’s spa experience. When they gave her the rice Natalie was brought to tears. Missy stated that though her ankle hurt very badly she was still determined to stay in the competition. Jeff then told Missy that she needed to let the medical team examine her ankle. The medical team told her she might have fractured it. It was decided that her ankle could be immobilized because the competition was going to be over in a few days.

To rest her ankle Missy opted out of the Immunity Challenge for this week. Jon was forced to give back the Immunity necklace he had won last week. The Immunity Challenge was for each survivor to hold onto a handle and balance themselves on a teeter-totter holding a cone. Once the cone hits the ground the survivor who dropped it is out of the challenge. Jaclyn was the first one to watch her cone hit the ground. Baylor was then eliminated from the challenge. A sudden gust of wind got the best of Keith and he was the next one to drop his cone, followed by Jon. This left Natalie as the winner of the individual immunity for the week.

The remaining survivors were sent back to camp to await that night’s tribal council. Jon Jaclyn and Natalie discussed voting Keith out that night. Natalie told Keith that the voting that night would be split in half and made Keith believe the plan was to vote Jon out. Baylor said she needed to get Missy on board to vote Jon out but she was concerned because Missy has been treating Jon like a son. Missy then told Baylor she couldn’t that she couldn’t bring herself to vote Jon off.

After the voting was completed at the tribal council Jeff announced that with a three-way tie among Jon, Jaclyn and Keith the remaining survivors would have to vote again. Jeff then tallied up the re-votes an announced that Jon was eliminated.