‘Supernatural’ Lost and Found really hit home for our Carol Hansson

Wow. After 12 seasons and countless episodes, Supernatural continues to surprise me – not only to tug on your heartstrings but to grab them tight and make you confront your emotions.

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I’m going to precede this review with the following facts –my estranged father passed away less than a week ago, and I’ve been struggling with how to deal with the emotional fallout.

5 p.m. PT rolls around – hellatus is over, I’ve got my sparkly pink drink and Supernatural wine glass in hand – let’s get this party started!

The overall review of the Supernatural history in turns made me laugh, cry and bemoan the loss of our dear Mr. Ketch – a David Haydn-Jones fan I always will be. And of course, the death of our Crowley – a better King of Hell? I don’t think that exists.

Even watching the introduction for the second time makes me squee … and reminisce about the beginning of Season 12, when Mary meets her adult son for the first time (technically the third time, I believe, because of time travel and such). It amazes me what an awesome cast we have — not even just the main cast, but the supporting cast as well. One of the other highlights that I adore from the introduction is the repeat of Dean’s discussion with Mary, in the dream world — where he says, “I hate you, but I love you.” The look on Dean’s eyes … my Chuck. And watching Mary kick ass is just, well, kick ass. I do wish they showed the Alpha Vampire being shot though, gotta love the Rick Worthy.

We begin right where we ended – poor Dean, and poor Castiel in that lonely beach in Squamish (at least I’m fairly sure that’s where that was filmed). I really do hope there are outtakes from that scene — I can totally see Jensen cracking some joke and Misha trying oh so very hard not to laugh. The black wings on the ground though — I have to admit I’m very glad that Jared leaked that Misha was back sometime this season – you and I both know that Castiel is entirely too much of a fan favourite to go anywhere, but it’s always nice to be assured.

“Father?” This entire episode seems to be centred around who Jack identifies as father. Just like a newborn kitten, Jack tries to imprint on the first person he sees — Sam. Sam’s relationship with Jack — and of course how Dean deals with it — will be very interesting to see this season.

Kudos to the SFX team for the next scene, where Jack uses his power to defend himself (wouldn’t you try to defend yourself as well, in any way possible, if someone shot at you?). It’s definitely not something I’ve ever seen before, and it makes me wonder what else Jack can do.

The title card — Jack’s iris — reminds me a lot of the all-seeing eye from Lord of the Rings. This proves that Jack’s story line will be a major one this season.

The “memory” of Mary sacrificing herself — and in turn apparently burning up — really confused me. What was the point of that? I understand that Dean was dreaming, but still.

One of the things that I instantly noted seeing Baby on the Sea to Sky was how dirty she was. Further on in the episode, when the drunk girl – who ends up being the angel Miriam – is seen near Baby, you see that Bitch was written in the dust.

“What about Cas? Is he really dead?”

“You know he is.”

I’m uncertain as to the amount of times Castiel has actually died in this show — or almost died — but I’m sure it’s a lot. No matter what though, it’s always emotional.

I have to mention casting Alexander Calvert as Jack — that little smirk when the sheriff introduces herself? That was awesome. Again, the facial expressions of our cast are awesome.

“There’s no such thing as weird. Everyone is normal in their own way.”

supernatural sam winchester jail scene lost and found

This has got to be one of the best lines in this episode — I think it’s a shout out to the SPN family, and fandoms everywhere. We’re weird but lovable.

Through the entire episode — until Jack reveals — we think that he identifies Lucifer as his father. When he says Castiel and explains why, it totally falls into place. Throughout the latter part of her pregnancy, Kelly continuously tells Jack that Castiel will take care of her. And since Jack is a nephilim, he remembers this.

supernatural 1301 sam winchester with jack movie tv tech geeks

Watching for the second time, I did notice something. The angel says, “You and me both,” when Sam says that he’s looking for a naked kid. At first, you think it’s just the “drunk” in the drunk woman talking … but then on second watch, you realize she is actually looking for Jack too.

So apparently angel radio hurts Jack — I wonder if that’s just because he’s not used to it? At least I’m assuming that’s what it is.

sheriff to dean winchester on supernatural 1301

Sam and Dean don’t often tell the truth when it comes to dealing with the authorities, so I wonder if this means that we’ll see the sheriff further on in the season, if they’re changing how they do things, or if it’s just a one-off. I guess we’ll see.

One thing that was mentioned on-line is Dean’s switch in point of view — that they’re doing a job, rather than being heroes. It’s one of the major signs we see as to how much Cas’s death has affected him.

Come to think of it, the angry voices must be angel radio, because the two angels we see previously would be pretty upset when they can’t find Jack.

“I’m sorry. Will you tell them that I’m sorry?”

This is further proof – at least to me — that Jack is not truly evil. Or at least not all the way evil.

“You take things, you break things, and you don’t care who you hurt.” Y’know, on second thought I’m wondering if this angel was a Cas fan as well. Or it could just be a reference to the amount of times Dean (and Sam) have caused the “end of the world.”

“Castiel is dead. All the way dead. Because of you.” And there we go, proof that this angel is a Cas fan as well.

The last scene is the one that hit me the most.

“You want to say anything?”

“What do you say?”

“Thank you. You say thank you. And you say I’m sorry. You hope they’re somewhere without sadness, without pain. Somewhere better. You say goodbye.”

This hit me SO hard. I literally burst into tears. I’ve been struggling so hard with how to deal with my father’s death – and Sam’s simplification helped SO MUCH.

carol hansson with dad supernatural season 13 mttg
Carol Hansson with her father

So … I’m sorry, dad. I hope you’re in a better place. And thank you for giving me life. Goodbye.