Sadly, it seems that within many groups there will be a small contingent that likes to take its anger and frustration out on others, and many fans of the show “Supernatural” have felt this type of onslaught.

It normally starts with a simple tweet, but then it quickly spirals out of control as the people getting attacked will defend themselves and wind up being called the bully. Yes, it sounds insane to the average person, but this is what happens as the bully pulls in their contingent of supporters to attack one person into submission. While it’s a minority within a large group, it’s a minority that has honed their skills so their voices are heard in the cacophony they create on social media making it look like an uprising.

We’ve had this happen to us three different times even once having another website try to call us ‘racist,’ and anyone who reads our opinion pieces would realize what a load of bunk that it.

In the past year this bullying of others, not to mention some of the actors and guest stars on “Supernatural” has taken a much uglier turn with tweets being taken out of context in an attempt to smear someone mainly because they hold different beliefs or someone just doesn’t like their politics. There’s plenty of other reasons, but many of these reasons just feel completely overblown, and in a different time would have been met with just a groan or roll of the eyes. Now, every slight is met with an army of frustrated minions who refuse to let things just roll off their back.

The people doing this don’t consider themselves bullies but as the victims and immediately go crying to their contingent when someone stands their ground with them.

We’re taught that when someone bullies us, we can defend ourselves, but this new kind of bully will continue battering away until they get the person to blow up on Twitter in frustration. Then this bully will say how out of control that person is feeling they have finally proven whatever point they were trying to make.

It seems that there are much more beneficial ways to spend your life, but for some people, this is their life.

One of our writers forwarded a very insightful post from Tumblr that truly hits things on the head with what has been happening within the “Supernatural” fandom minority. Having spoken to so many within the #SPNFamily, I’ve been told countless times how much they hate how this small contingent has created such a divide, but they also don’t want to say anything as they know they will be next on this hitlist just for voicing a differing opinion.

So, sometimes it takes someone to hold up a really big mirror to the people causing the problem to help unite people again and move forward. While it might be strong in its wording, I dare anyone to say that this person is wrong on how things have gotten so out of control.

Our Carol Hansson touched on this regarding the recent slam on Jared Padalecki for a bad joke, but the one below really hits everything home.

litter negativity

I thank Surflove808 for standing up and making the following statement and allowing us to reprint it here (in its original form):

Do you think this cast is problematic and insensitive?  Gather around the fire with me, you delicate tulips.  Let me tell you a story.

There will be potty language.  And there will be no straddling the fence to appease both sides.  So, read at your own risk.  But, absolutely always feel free to respond and engage in discussion!

When I got into this show, I fell down the rabbit hole like everyone else, and watched con footage and interviews and became more invested than I ever have in a show because of all the (perceived) incredible positivity and kindness reflected from the cast to the SPN Family and vice versa.  I had never seen anything like it.  And I was so impressed with this fandom and proud to be a part of it that I do something I rarely do – I gushed about it to friends.  Even though I knew they’d give me shit.  Because we think we’re too cool for school or something.  I don’t know.

Quibi unable to find last-minute buyer shuts down

My love for this show and fandom eventually led me to Tumblr and the actors Twitter feeds.  I went full fangirl.  I thought, “Yay!  Other people who enjoy this amazing show.  Gifs!  Funnies!  Fanfics!  Art!  Support!”  And there is that, undoubtedly….but there is also this seedy underbelly that gets far more attention that it merits.  And I have become so disillusioned and angered by the shit I see here on the regular, not to mention Twitter…. that I feel like I need to disengage from following both (SPN-wise), so I don’t burst a fucking capillary.

Before I do that…. to the handful of “fans” that have caused a Twitter uproar and instigated shortsighted and nasty smear campaigns regarding:

  1.  Jareds inappropriate joke
  2.  Mark Pellegrino and William Shatner defending Jared over some other Twitter bullshit.  They didn’t cause the initial offense, they merely defended their buddy against all the flamers….which, apparently is not allowed for these specific individuals.  They’re so evil.  How dare they have a human response to seeing their friend get charbroiled online.  It’s like they think they’re real people….
  3.  Jensen supporting his FRIEND JDM when he was harassed and lambasted on Twitter and Instagram for wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt.  *Also, see #2*
  4.  Jensens retweet of Pellegrinos very nice message welcoming India to the SPN Family (flooding Jensens feed with demands that he not support his castmate and friend because Mark stood up to them or because they don’t agree with Marks ideology.  Way to take something positive and turn it ugly, BTW.  Sorry, India.  Truly.  I’m secondhand cringing over here.)  *Also, see #2*
  5.  *See previous rants on this page*

Can you please fuck off already?   I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year, and that knitting is a great way to take your mind off things and meditate.  I might follow my own advice, in fact.  But stay the hell away from my yurt.  I am stabby when it comes to you people.

There are always going to be people who feel compelled to stir up a lot of shit over anything these guys say and do, and they generally also apply that rule to most things in life, I’m guessing.  And I know opinions are like assholes (everyone’s got one), but really, there seem to be a handful of folks that LIVE for the drama around here. Get a grip.  Be useful.  Because what you seem to enjoy doing – Tearing down public figures in order to promote your own agenda, and making threats and accusations and spreading them like cancer?  It’s not productive. It’s toxic.

With regards to THE JOKE:

I don’t want to tell the joke.  TELL IT!  No, my jokes are all inappropriate.  TELL it!  Nah… TELL IT ANYWAY, WE DON’T CARE!  *Tells joke*  *Sees personal integrity torpedoed and potentially damaged career/legacy due to an influx of online articles based on a handful of tweets by reactionary “fans” who probably weren’t even there*  Nice set-up, people.

Neither one of these guys is or has ever been anything but gracious to fans, not to mention caring and supportive.  That’s why fans from all over the world come to see them and share their personal stories of hardship with this cast.  And they are certainly not proponents of rape culture.

These conventions are for adults, by adults.  And if you bothered to even watch a sampling of con footage of these guys, your delicate sensibilities would probably be overwhelmed by the sexually charged and deeply inappropriate things that get said BY some fans TO these guys.  But here’s the thing, these actors take it in stride and treat their fans like friends.  And these cons are very intimate and personal, open and extremely funny.  Is content inappropriate sometimes?  Yes, thank Chuck. THAT’S USUALLY WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY.

'Supernatural' 1516: Drag Me Away (From You) brought out mixed reactions

Have you ever watched a comedy routine?  How do you handle dark humor?  Can you?  If you can’t?  Don’t watch.  Don’t play Cards Against Humanity either.  In fact….turn the internet off and spend time around real people.  Build up some tolerance.  Take your newfound tolerance to a domestic violence shelter and volunteer your time.  Immerse yourself in a new culture.  Read a few books.  Educate yourself a bit and grow wiser.  Pick your battles and fight for what’s right.  Not for what you “think” is right for Twit hits.

And you know what?  If you’re the type of person who is going to go on a witch hunt that results in these guys having to share the same platform with guys like Weinstein and Spacey, with potentially irreversible damage done to their professional and personal lives over something like THIS?
Congratulations.  You’ve become the thought police.  You’re demonizing people who have done a tremendous amount of good in the world around them via campaigns that stem from a desire to reach out to their fandom and support of people in crisis, particularly women, over a lame joke that Jared and especially Jensen, didn’t feel was appropriate to share in the first place.  These are genuinely kind and decent men, maybe do some more background research and check your motivation before you irrevocably damage someones well-being and livelihood.

And because I don’t know any of your names or whereabouts, I can’t actually fuck up your life, can I?  And even if I could?  Why on earth would I??  Anonymity’s great, though….isn’t it?  We can go online and sit on our own virtual Mount Olympus, raining down accusations, judgments and sentences with minimal effort, foresight or concern for the ramifications of our actions.

And Jared is a prime example of that sometimes.  I’m sorry to say, because he is a good dude, but he’s guilty of some of the same flamebroiling of people that you excuse yourselves from in the name of self righteousness.  The difference is – you can hide behind your anonymity.  He can’t.  And I’m down with calling people on their bullshit behavior (clearly), and Jared has had it coming a few times, but THIS?  This is ridiculous.

Since you seem to be fond of extreme responses, I could make the comparison that encouraging, no….demanding that someone do something that they don’t want to do, and then shaming them for it when they do what you’ve asked? That’s REAL textbook abuse. Chew on that for a minute.

Congrats again, because when you search either of their names, that’s the FIRST thing that comes up.  “Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles made a rape joke”.  The joke in and of itself doesn’t and shouldn’t negate all the good they’ve put out in the world, but in the eyes of the general public outside the fandom?  NOW it does.  THAT’S what people now see.

It’s amazing how a 7 word joke can lead to online character assassination that tears down over a decade of good works.  And I wouldn’t blame them one bit for shutting down future cons and/or reducing their conversation with fans to subject matter that strictly pertains to the show.

And if you have stated any iteration of “I will no longer be a fan or watch this show because of these horrible meanies”… GOOD.  FUCKING.  RIDDANCE.
It would make the SPN Family a much better place to be if ya’ll and your other easily offended brethren who can dish it out, but can’t take it, would fuck off to parts unknown to fixate on something else and leave us in peace.

dean winchester shove it upWhile this may offend some, I do feel many others will celebrate and revel in its reminding us that we do live in a country where we can voice our opinion whether or not everyone agrees with it.

We never learn by surrounding ourselves with only like-minded people. It’s the people with differing opinions and ideologies that can teach us to grow and become better informed individuals.


  1. I think that the J’s have handled this the best way they could. Now they don’t trust the fandom anymore. Good job!

  2. I agree that the rape joke was out of context and blown out of proportion. I agree that some fans can be crazy and malicious. However, the “Blue Lives Matter” T-shirt was completely insensitive and inappropriate, and JDM’s reaction to the fans telling him that was even worse. Obviously they just don’t get what BLM means (or worse, don’t care). The BLM movement came from all of the police shooting and killing black people. To try to change it shows that you don’t care about the shootings, or the struggles of blacks, or the protests of the shootings. Here’s a good article about it:

  3. I agree with almost everything in this article, except for the equivalency drawn between the toxic fans who sharpen their knives and attack celebrities at every opportunity, and what Jared has done in his tweets about people whom he thinks have mistreated him. Whether or not you think it is a wise course, Jared is simply responding to what he perceives as abusive or hurtful behavior towards him; he has a personal stake in what has happened. Those who pounce on him for this (never seeing the hypocrisy inherent in what they are doing) are outsiders who do not know exactly what happened to Jared and who have no stake in it at all. They can conceive of no situation in which it is appropriate for Jared to call somewhat out publicly, yet that is exactly what they are doing on a daily basis. And they do it from the position of outsiders who have no skin in the game, they simply like to judge others (especially celebrities) for any action or issue which deviates from their grand ideas of how every human should act and what they should believe. It’s mind blowing that they think they can dictate not simply the political views that celebrities should have, but exactly whether, when and how they should espouse them. They are truly the cancer of the internet.

  4. Disclaimer: I agree with some points and I think most of the times Twitter fandom is seriously over the top. But it’s not enough. So I’m making a statement, too.

    I usually try to avoid getting into these discussions, because they suck the life out of me, but… I see we’re finally being honest about the problems in this fandom, so I’m really hoping for another article on these problems, too.
    Talking about minorities in the fandom… Are we ever gonna address the people who constantly harass Jensen and Jared’s wives (and sometimes insult their children, too) because they think the guys are secretly together?
    Are we ever gonna address the people who have made their personal mission trying to destroy Misha Collins, by slandering him, spreading false information, calling him a questionable father and a pervert (where he can see it), trying to boycott his charity, signing petitions to fire him, and the list goes on and on…? Or is this normal? Because it’s been going on for YEARS, and nobody says anything.
    Are we ever gonna address the people who harass the writers of the show because Sam and Dean aren’t together in one episode? Or because, how dare they make a Supernatural spin-off that’s not about the brothers? (Going as far as creating blatantly fake accounts and claiming to be crew just to spew the usual hateful statements).
    Are we gonna address those who “called out” people who work on the show because they dared to share a Destiel fanbook on Twitter, or harassed the crew over something as insignificant as a map?
    Are we gonna call out those people who ask for journalists to be fired over articles they don’t agree with? Usually just because they feature Castiel or Misha?
    These people have nothing better to do than slander the people around Jensen and Jared… I mean, the boys must be thrilled to have complete strangers harass their wives, children and friends IN THE NAME OF LOVE.

    Sadly, also this happens in the SPNFamily. This fandom can be toxic in so many ways, and it hits everyone. If we want to protect Jared and Jensen, we should stop the hypocrisy and start protecting the people they love, as relentlessly and passionately as we protect them. This fandom is a great community, full of talented and creative people. It’s a shame seeing it so full of anger, hate and disrespect. Just my two cents.

  5. Ohhh really. So u must be blocked by the some fans that always attack Misha for all the time.May be u haven’t seen the hateful cmt from Dee’s and Gen’s instagram from certain fans too. Love is not only for J2 buddy. U should figure that much.

  6. With all due respect, this isn’t an accurate depiction whatsoever. I monitor Misha’s mentions as well and while he //does// get a lot of hate daily, it’s mostly from Trump supporters, not SPN fans. The accounts that target Danneel and Gen are what we’d consider “sock” accounts and not wholly representative of the SPN fandom either. It’s a few lone trolls here and there who want to be able to send their hate unchecked. But Jared? Jared gets hated on by established “SPNFamily” members daily and none of the people who follow these accounts call it out, ever. If anything they encourage it, or pile on by saying he has it coming, and that isn’t right. Mind you, we’re talking about TAGGED hate here, and like I said before, as someone who monitors all of their SM accounts I can tell you outright that the amount of hate he gets is so disproportionate to what everyone else gets it isn’t even funny.

  7. Agreed. For all the crit-shaming we’ve seen from the recent brouhaha related to valid criticisms, where are the articles shaming those who hated on the SPN crew over a map, over posting a picture of a book, over creating the intro to a gag reel they didn’t like. Where are the “let’s just get along” posts calling out those who try to get writers of other articles fired for posting accurate accounts of what happened at conventions, to posting hate about charities, constant wife hate, smear campaigns, ad nauseam?

  8. I’d say Jared and Misha get an equal amount of hate, frankly. Misha on a daily basis (yes, in his mentions) for his work, acting, looks, family, and so many different things. It’s disgusting and unconscionable. None of the guys or their beautiful wives deserve that. I also quietly note the fact that you didn’t include him in your reply.

    I follow the cast and wive’s SM very closely, and there’s definitely a heavy skew of hate volleyed at Misha, Danneel, and Gen daily. There’s an account that targets Danneel hourly with hate that we’ve been trying to shut down for over a month. They’ve also started insulting her children, which.. again, unconscionable. But the fandom either needs to call it ALL out or stop pretending like they’re against hate, and only against hate aimed at their faves. For me, I will fight against any hate aimed at J2M + families until this fandom stops.

  9. Maybe they will when that hate (which is mostly contained to people’s own timelines and blog posts) end up in those people’s mentions on a daily basis. I’ll be the first one to call out all of the vile hate that J2’s wives get because it’s disgusting, but also as someone who monitors all of their SM accounts to come up with content for my blog, I can tell you outright that none of them get the amount of hate that Jared gets. And as much as I hate to admit it, tinhats do police their own whenever one of them steps out of line and leaves tagged hate towards Danneel and Genevieve. I’ve seen it happen more than once. The fact is, you can’t police people’s opinions, but you can call out hateful and bullying behavior, which this article has done a very good job of doing.

  10. This happens in a lot of fandoms. This is a particularly invested fandom and there seem to be a lot of people who enjoy stirring the pot for their own amusement (or out of boredom…I’m not sure which.)

    I do think the convention panel joke referenced was inappropriate (particularly given the current climate in the entertainment industry with Weinstein and others) but at the end of the day, it’s a poorly-timed joke, not a manifesto.

    On the other hand, some of the people who are outraged at the criticism of the joke are labeling this “hate” and circling the wagons (and blaming parts of the fandom they’ve been vocal about denouncing for years because of, well, shipping something else…it’s silly) when there really isn’t a need to do this, either. It’s merely drawing out the drama.

    The other issue you mention, with Pellegrino and Shatner, well…I’m aware of it, but again, this is partially due to celebrities not ignoring fandom and feeding the drama. Protip: feed joyful enthusiasm and starve negative drama.

    Actors need to take a page from authors, and stop addressing negative comments. When an author responds to a negative review, it usually ends badly. Let fans argue among themselves if they want to, but don’t “defend” some other actor or pick sides (or message fans in DMs, either…it’s weird) — it just prolongs the drama, honestly.

  11. I’m not sure what was objectionable about my last comment, so I’m trying again. Please let all voices be represented in this fandom.

    I agree that a few small corners of the fandom have gotten out of hand, but most people – on ALL SIDES of the fandom – are awesome.

    I look forward to the next SPN article being one that calls out the group of fans who posts daily hate, hostility, and threats tagged at Misha, Danneel, and Genevieve. Because THAT has been out of hand for years.

  12. I agree that a few small corners of the fandom have gotten out of hand, but most people – on ALL SIDES of the fandom – are awesome.

    And if you’re going to do an article like this, I look forward to the next one being calling out the group of fans who posts daily hate, hostility, and threats tagged at Misha, Danneel, and Genevieve. Because THAT has been out of hand for years.

  13. Very well thought out and written! Should be mandatory reading for everyone, but alas, very few will read this and even fewer will look into the mirror and reflect on what they see! And, good job, anyway… Always Keep Fighting!!!!


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