Stop giving away your expert advice, make money from it on ZEQR

zeqr global knowledge hub movie tv tech geeks

zeqr global knowledge hub movie tv tech geeks

How many times have you had people ask you for your expert advice, and then mention you should get paid for it? That’s something nearly all of us have heard at one time or another because we all are experts on at least one thing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s advice on dating, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writing, making crafts or just how to calm your kids down, we all excel in some area. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually make money from your area of expertise?

Well now, there is a place, and it’s called Zeqr. It’s a professional platform and a very easy place to share information while also exchanging ideas in real time. No having to hunt through YouTube hoping to find a real video on what you’re looking for. Zeqr goes through and makes sure that each person is an expert in their area, so it’s a one-stop shop for answers.

Just think about how many times you go online looking for answers. Imagine that if only a tiny percentage of the same people looking for answers to subjects you give away your knowledge for free came to you. Then paid you for it! It’s a great way to earn some extra money just being yourself and helping others.

zeqr experts one stop shot for answers movie tv tech geeks

Just How Does It Work?

Very simple actually. You just go to Zeqr and sign up. Registration is super simple, and you just list everything you specialize in. The beauty of Zeqr is that it’s totally unique with allowing peer to peer, real-time sessions offering these types of services. You’ll be able to actually teach other people in your area.

You are able to learn or educate people through one-on-one mentorships, classes, webinars and videos. Of course, we’ve seen one of these on before, but have you seen all this type of service delivered on one platform? That’s where they excel by helping you to excel.

What Exactly Is Zeqr?

Zeqr is a one-of-a-kind knowledge hub that allows people to learn and/or teach what others are trying to better understand or know. If you are a seeker of knowledge, than you’re already a Zeqr…yeah, I know. Zeqr is all about changing how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, leading to a better informed and more knowledgeable world

While we’ve been pushing the expert paid side of this platform, you can also pay an expert to teach you through video or a classroom-style webinar training. Also, we know that paying someone you don’t on the web isn’t always the most ideal, Zeqr takes the worry out of it. They handle the payments, so it’s done very safely.

There are over 60 wide ranging categories to choose from including beauty, finance, academics, communications, internet marketing and way more.

How To Become A Zeqr Expert

You just join the platform using your email address or Facebook or LinkedIn account. It doesn’t cost anything to join either. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to offer classes, and these can be through either written content, videos or teaching live via cam or a webinar style environment.

The platform will check out your content to make sure it passes their high standards, and once it goes live, you just see the people coming to check out what you have to teach them. Once you fulfill your teaching to your customers (or student, if you prefer), you receive payment. It’s that simple!

So know, you can earn some extra money for all that expertise you’ve learned over the years. Just go visit and get teaching, learning and making that early holiday cash!

This article was sponsored by Zeqr. All opinions are entirely my own.