Sick Science Kits Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Kids Toys

sick science kits collection 2015 hottest kids toys

Let’s face it: motivating children to enjoy learning science is quite difficult. But with the right tools, you can actually make it happen! The best tool is on hand right now, with the Sick Science Kits from Steve Spangler Science.

How Much?

Most of the kits are priced at $14.99, with a few of them costing $19.99. You also have the option to purchase a Sick Science collection, which is a volume that contains 6 Sick Science Kits. One 12-kit volume costs $149.99.

Who Would Buy The Sick Science Kits?

Any parent that would like to encourage their children to enjoy science and be motivated to learn more about the subject will surely make it a point to get a Sick Science Kit. Or two. Or even more. Teachers may also be interested to use these kits during science classes in order to engage their young pupils better.

sick science kits images 2015 hottest xmas kids toyssick science kits images 2015 hottest xmas kids toysThings We Like About The Sick Science Kits

A Sick Science Kit contains all tools and components that will be required to perform a scientific experiment, depending on the theme of the kit. This means that everything you need are already provided. All that is left to do is perform the experiment.

But one great thing about these Sick Science Kits is the selection that Steve Spangler Science came up with. If you buy a collection, you will have 12 kits that touch on various scientific subjects. Some examples of the kits include Fast Physics, Insta-Worms, Shaker Slime, Inertia Challenge, Density Divers, Rainbow Snow, and Oil Spill Polymer, to name a few. At present there are over 24 Sick Science Kits to choose from.

The kits also come with a step by step activity guide that your young scientists can follow. This means you do not need the supervision of a Science teacher to use the kits. There are also videos that will guide you and your child along, making for a fun activity that parents and their children can share.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sick Science Kits

As an educational toy, these kits certainly deliver what they promise, which is why we cannot find any fault with them so far.


Steve Spangler Science offers a 30-day warranty, offering replacement for defective products as long as the kits are returned before the end of the 30-day period.

sick science kits collection 2015 hottest kids toysAre The Sick Science Kits Worth The Money?

Educational toys that are actually fun are the ones that are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Where Can I Buy The Sick Science Kits?

These scientific kits are now up for sale at the Steve Spangler Science website. Of course, you may also shop for them in various online stores. Amazon is one of your best bets. It is known for generous price cuts and discounts on the original list prices of products, and they even have the Free Shipping option for those who want to save more money! Keep checking back here as prices will always change through the holidays.

Final Thoughts For The Sick Science Kits

If your child is sick of learning science the old-fashioned way, give them something new. Use the Sick Science Kits instead!