Insta Snow Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

insta snow power 2015 hottest holiday kids toys

insta snow power 2015 hottest holiday kids toysPlaying in the snow is an experience that everyone relishes, especially kids. Unfortunately, you have to wait for several months before you can go out to play in the snow. With the Insta Snow powder from Steve Spangler Science, you no longer have to wait.

How Much?

You can buy the 100-gram bucket of Insta Snow powder for only $9.99. This will already be enough to make 3 gallons of fake snow. It is also available in 375-gram, 454-gram and 2,270-gram buckets, which cost $19.99, $24.99 and $124.99, respectively. If that is too much for you, you can test it out first by getting the Insta-Snow Test Tube size, which costs $3.99.

Who Would Buy The Insta Snow?

Do you want your children to play in the snow even in the middle of summer? You, and other parents like you, can now make use of Insta Snow. Of course, many teachers will also be interested to get their hands on Insta Snow for learning and instructional purposes, especially in Science subjects. It is also an excellent decorative tool.

insta-snow boy 2015 hottest kids toys imagesThings We Like About The Insta Snow

We like the “instant” part of the Insta Snow. There are no complicated steps to follow, no lengthy processes to go through. You don’t even have to mix or stir anything. Just add water to the powder, and you can simply sit back and watch it turn to realistic-looking snow.

And oh, it truly looks real! The fluffy snow looks exactly like the real thing that you will not be blamed for being fooled into thinking that.

We are greatly impressed at how much snow is generated just by using a small amount of powder. The 2,270-gram pack of Insta Snow, for instance, easily makes 50 gallons of snow! The process of transformation is also something spectacular to watch, since it practically erupts into snow.

Do not be afraid that this will cause irritations and allergic reactions for your kids. It is made using only safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous material.

Things We Did Not Like About The Insta Snow

Unfortunately, unlike real snow, the snow produced using the Insta Snow powder does not melt. That means you’d have to work a little harder for the cleanup.


We still do not know if Insta Snow is covered by any warranty and, if it is, the details are still unknown.

Is The Insta Snow Worth The Money?

Insta Snow is perfect for playtime, science experiments, learning sessions, and even special occasions when special effects and decorations are called for. No wonder we find no hesitations in shelling out our money to buy it!

Where Can I Buy The Insta Snow?

The Insta Snow powder is available at the official website. However, it may also be purchased from recognized retailers. Amazon is one of the best places to look for this product, since chances are high that you can get it at a huge discount, and even have it delivered to your doorstep for free! Check here often as prices will keep changing through the holiday season.

insta snow package images 2015 hottest kids toys

Final Thoughts For The Insta Snow

Have a fun time with realistic snow without even waiting for winter to come around! The water-based Insta Snow will do the trick very nicely, indeed!