Ant Man Ant Farm Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Kids Toys

paul rudd ant man ant farm images 2015 hottest xmas kids toys

Little boys almost always have a fascination for farm life, and there is nothing wrong with introducing them to it by way of farm sets. However, Uncle Milton’s Ant Man Ant Farm is not your typical toy farm set. Aside from being a merchandise in line with the Ant Man movie from Marvel, it’s focused on ants, so it also teaches them about these tiny creatures.

How Much?

The Ant Man Ant Farm set has a selling price of $17.99, and it is already comprised of the ant farm itself, a base, 2 bags of sand, a starter stick, and a set of instructions.

Who Would Buy The Ant Man Ant Farm?

While it is true that ants are not really the usual creatures that you would want to use to introduce your young ones to the animal kingdom, they are actually surprisingly fun. Fans of the Marvel movie Ant Man will also be interested to get a small replica pertaining to the film and the Ant Farm is a good representation. This ant farm will also definitely appeal to those who are looking for an offbeat and unique farm set. One thing is for sure: the ant farm is anything but boring!

paul rudd ant man ant farm images 2015 hottest xmas kids toysThings We Like About The Ant Man Ant Farm

The Ant Man Ant Farm is impressive in its durability. There won’t be breakage or damage problems, because the materials used are tough and resistant to breaks and cracks.

What about ant problems? You are probably wondering if you are going to have to deal with the live harvester ants being all over the place. That is not going to be an issue here, because the ant farm has been designed to be escape-proof.

The set is accompanied by an educational poster which contains instructions on how to operate or run the Ant Man Ant Farm. Another useful tool added is the information on how one will go about ordering live harvester ants online, so they would have something to populate the ant farm with.

Things We Did Not Like About The Ant Man Ant Farm

It might seem a bit on the pricey side, but the quality more than makes up for it.


The Ant Man Ant Farm is sure to be covered by applicable warranty from Uncle Milton, although details are still unknown at the moment.

Is The Ant Man Ant Farm Worth The Money?

As a movie tie-in merchandise, it is a good addition to every movie buff’s collection. As an educational toy, it is an effective tool in introducing the world of ants to kids.

Where Can I Buy The Ant Man Ant Farm?

You will find the Ant Man Ant Farm in websites that sell film-related merchandise and memorabilia. But if you are looking for something more solid and reliable, Amazon is the best place to check out. You are likely to get your own Ant Farm at a discount, and even take advantage of their free shipping. Keep checking back here for sales.

ant man ant farm package 2015 hottest toysFinal Thoughts For The Ant Man Ant Farm

Ant farms have a certain charm to them, and the Ant Man version definitely makes it even better!