SHE GOT GAME Season 1 Catch up Recap

she got game reality show recap 2015 images

she got game reality show recap 2015 imagesIf you have not been following “She Got Game,” a reality show where rapper The Game looks for love, here is a recap of what has happened up to this point.

The Game calls on his celebrity friends to each bring a girl to him that they feel will he be his new lady. The group of 10 girls is assembled and it is clear from the beginning who Game is interested in.

He takes Destinee, Pricilla and Jennifer on the first date and Destinee throws all kinds of shade at The Game. She thinks that it is total bullshit that he claims not to remember her from some time he spent in Florida. I mean she really shows him a lot of attitude. During eliminations, he lets her go because he feels she is sneaky.

After giving Destinee the boot, he sends Melissa, Kiki and Pricilla on a private jet to Arizona while he rides on a bus with the rest of the girls. Pricilla and Melissa get into it mainly because Pricilla is psycho. She causes a lot of issues through the whole episode and gets into multiple altercations with the girls especially Sierra who really wants her off the show. Game spends time with Kiki and some others, which leads him to get rid of her because she just can’t with his life style.

Next, the girls head to St. Louis. Sierra gets a personal date with The Game and they have a really good time. However, it seems that he needs more to choose from as three more girls are added to the mix, which pisses the others off. Rebecca lets Game know how she feels and this ends up working in her favor as he gives her a lot of attention and some tongue action. In the end, he lets Melissa go because she is just too “stupid” for lack of a better term, for him

Last week, the girls all did a music video for one of Game’s songs and it proves just a little too much for some. Briona, one of the newbies, does not cooperate with the director and gets kicked off the set. Priscilla continues her rampage and snitches on Shay for having a boyfriend, which ends up costing Shay her spot in the group as The Game sends her home. Sierra also is fed up with having to compete with the girls and voluntarily leaves the show.

This week, they are in Chicago and the girls get to meet 25 of his fans. Now some of them think it is great but others feel like it is beneath them. And I am talking about Briona who it’s becoming clear, is more and more full of herself. She doesn’t like them and wants off the boat.

Brittney B. takes a lot of pictures with the fans and the other chicks are of course hating, feeling that she is being a celebrity, picture taking whore. Elle feels a certain way about not getting any attention so after getting advice from Game’s friend that got her on the show, she goes all in, sitting on Game’s lap while he eats, being all up in his face and being kind of sloppy. Shyona tries to tell her to chill. She doesn’t listen to her. The Game finally tells her to get back because according to him, “you don’t mess with a black man when he eats.” She eventually gets the picture and walks away.

The Game sends the girls away and after they leave, he asks his fans who they think should go and without a doubt they say Brionna (she’s too rude) and Elle ( she’s too aggressive) are the two mentioned the most. He uses their feedback to determine who to take out that night.

Back at the hotel, Shyona and Pricilla bond for a bit and pretty much concur that they want Elle gone.  The Brittneys also bond and believe that yes they are there for Game but that doesn’t have to get in the way of their friendship, which leads Shyona to believe that they have lost focus of their even being on the show.

He chooses Briona and Shyona to go on the date to get see if the fans are right about these two women. They go to an art studio and once again Briona shows her ass and totally turns Game off. Shyonna on the other hand, just gets extra points with him, so much so that he invites her for the after date, which pisses Briona all the way off.

Shyona doesn’t come home until the morning and the other chicks are uber upset. As they eat breakfast, she finally walks in with some strawberries and flowers and the others girls want all the details. She tells them about the drinking, about the flowers and that Game gave her massage. They are low key pissed especially Briona.

The next day, he sets up a day date with Elle, Jennifer and both Brittneys. Elle is doing the same thing she did before and it is coming off thirsty and desperate.  While she tries to get her time in, Brittney A. discusses with the others the possible reasons they are all there, suggesting that they may be there to see who he will eliminate.  They continue to vie for his attention and Brittney B.  takes the time out to kick the other girls away to spend some time with him. He asks her what she really wants and she says that it’s all about being with him. He hears her but still doesn’t fully believe what she says.

During the elimination time, The Game takes them on a dinner and Briona, right off the bat, acts very immature. But it’s all good to her because during her confession, she says that she doesn’t care that his fans don’t like her, he would never, ever get rid of her.

He goes around the table and addresses each girl individually letting them know if and why he is saving them. In the end, he gets rid of both Brittney B.  and Brittney A. since they seem to be inseparable. That’s totally messed up.

This show is definitely a guilty pleasure.