Sepp Blatter Re-elected As FIFA President Amid FBI Investigation

sepp blatter wins fifa president role 2015

sepp blatter reelected amid FIFA FBI Investigation 2015

The Swiss born FIFA President Sepp Blatter will resume his office for the fifth time after being re-elected in the ceremony at Zurich on Friday. The news of another four years of Blatter at the helm of the governing body attracted a lot of anger among the football fans and players.

There is an ongoing investigation over the questionable functioning of FIFA. It is the biggest self-inflicted crisis in the 111 year old history of the organization. The votes were divided in the ratio of 133 to 73 in the first round of voting by the representatives of 206 FAs. Blatter’s only rival Prince Ali withdrew his candidature after the first round of voting. Many of the major football associations of the world were in support of Ali and thus a lot of them are thinking of boycotting the international federation.

After the re-election the reigning FIFA President said, “For the next four years I will be in command of this boat called FIFA and we will bring it back ashore, we will bring it back to the beach.

“The age is no problem. You have people that are 50 who look old.”

Michel Platini, the UEFA President, claimed before the election that if Blatter gets re-elected the executives of the European organization will meet in Berlin next weekend before the Champions League final. He was in militant mood after Blatter triumphed over his younger rival, who had promised to repair FIFA’s battered reputation and serve for only one four-year term.

sepp blatter wins fifa president role 2015

Greg Dyke, the chairman of the Football Association of England claimed that it isn’t over yet.

“This is not over by any means. To quote the [US] Attorney General this is the beginning of the process not the end,” said Dyke after the vote. “The idea Blatter could reform FIFA is suspect. I’d be very surprised if Mr Blatter was still in this job in two years’ time.

“The events of this week are so traumatic for Fifa that I cannot see Fifa reforming itself under Blatter. He’s had years to reform it and he hasn’t done it.”

As of now, Sepp Blatter hasn’t been accused by the investigation agencies. Russia and Qatar are still the venues for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups respectively. Although it can change with just one piece of  evidence against the FIFA President. The heads of the most powerful FAs in the world have called for the heads of the Blatter and it won’t be a big surprise if he resigns before the end of his tenure.