Sarah Jessica Parker talks Sex Hate & Sex Apps

sarah jessica parker takes sex hate sex apps 2015 gossip

sarah jessica parker takes sex hate sex apps 2015 gossipSarah Jessica Parker was obviously unprepared for “Billy On the Street” starring one of our favorite comedians Billy Eichner, as he gives her quite the barrage of questions along with his own opinions. He’s one of the few that have probably had the guts to ask her directly what went wrong with “Sex and the City 2” and why people hate it so much. Even if Parker was aware that this question was going to surface, his reaction and opinions definitely throw her off, and they are hilarious.

After Billy goes off on a rant about why he doesn’t understand people hating on “Sex and the City 2” so much, Parker mentions how much money it made, sending him off on another great tirade. He then gets her to play Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App where she has to guess if the name he throws out is actually one of Santa’s reindeer or a sex app. Things get confusing as he tosses names out as quickly as a Kardashian runs a hand through their hair and names like Christian Mingle get the actress a little tongue tied.

If you’ve not checked out Billy Eichner’s “Billy on the Street,” you can see some of his great interview with Will Ferrell and Katie Couric. His Escape from Scientology will easily make your day shine.