RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE Ep 708 Recap: Trixie’s Back


On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race the drag queens talked about who they missed and who they didn’t, among those who have already been eliminated from the competition.

This week’s mini challenge was called Orange is the New Drag. Each drag queen was then given an orange prison jumpsuit for them to add their own personal touch to. After each drag queen modeled their jumpsuit, which they had to use to create a character that would be in prison, RuPaul declared Kennedy Davenport the winner of the mini challenge.

RuPaul then announced that “a” drag queen that had already been eliminated from the competition was coming back. That one drag queen turned into every single one that had already been eliminated this season, returning the original group in full. RuPaul said that the for this week’s maxi challenge each drag queen would be paired up with one of the returning queens. Each pair had to dress up as conjoined twins.

Kennedy Davenport was given the task of pairing up every drag queen couple, including her own. Each pair then got to work planning their conjoined twin costumes and RuPaul spoke to some of the pairs about their plans. Ginger Minj stated that if she was eliminated from the competition this week she wanted it to be because of something she did or didn’t do.

RuPaul noted that Mrs. Kasha Davis and Katya had problems working together because the week Mrs. Kasha Davis was voted out she was paired with Katya for that week’s challenge.

Kennedy Davenport said she felt Jasmine had a lot to add to the competition, which is why she chose to pair up with Jasmine. Ginger Minj said that though she was paired with Sasha, she was the one doing all the work.

On Elimination Day the conjoined twins had to walk the runway together. Kennedy encouraged Jasmine to succeed in the competition this time. She also said that everyone deserves a second chance and Jasmine had a lot to add to the competition. Tempest confessed that she had gone into therapy to try and become straight but she couldn’t do it. Trixie confessed he had issues with his stepdad because his stepdad didn’t support Trixie being a drag queen.

Leann Rimes was the guest judge for this week’s runway. Miss Fame and Kandy Ho came out attached at the waist. Jaiyden and Tempest were connected between Tempest’s groin and Jaiyden’s rear end.

Pearl and Trixie did a funny routine during their runway appearance where they were supposed to anger each other. Ginger and Sasha came out conjoined at their chest.

rupauls drag race ep 708 conjoined twins 2015 images

Each conjoined twin pair then appeared at once in front of the judges so they could give some feedback to each pair. Miss Fame and Katya were criticized because they were conjoined at the hip and the judges thought it wasn’t creative enough. Jaiyden and Tempest were told their concept for their costume was also very basic.

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The drag queens were sent backstage so that the judges could discuss their choices. They said that Violet and Max were the best storytellers of the night. Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis were praised for their costume meant to resemble the women who use the slot machines at Atlantic City casinos and go to Bingo halls for an evening of games. RuPaul then announced she had made her decision about who was going to be eliminated. Pearl was told she won the challenge for the week, so Trixie was back in the competition. Pearl won her own online store, her own website and a trip to NYC. Katya, Violet and Kennedy Davenport were told they were safe. RuPaul then announced that Jaiyden was being eliminated from the competition this week.

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