RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE Ep 707 Recap: Max Gets Snatched Out

max sent home from rupauls drag race snatch game 2015

rupauls drag race season 7 castoffs snatch game 2015

On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race the eight drag queens remaining had to come up with an outfit to impress RuPaul, based on a celebrity they like. Miss Fame said she was planning a Donatella Versace outfit and had been since the first time she ever auditioned to be on the show.

rupauls drag race season 7 snatch game 2015

The Maxi Challenge for the week was Snatch Game where the drag queens had to participate in a parody of the Match game. Each drag queen had to choose a star to dress and act like for this challenge. Kennedy Davenport said she wanted to dress as Little Richard but Ginger Minj told her she couldn’t because Little Richard is a man. Violet told RuPaul she was upset because Miss Fame wanted to do Donatella Versace as well, so Violet chose another star to dress like. RuPaul told Violet to do what was best for Violet and not for anyone else in the competition. Violet then said she chose to dress as Theresa Caputo instead.

max as sharon needles snatch game rupauls drag race 707 2015

RuPaul asked Katya why she wasn’t going to do a Russian character for the challenge. Katya said she was afraid to show the character and that she is addicted to anxiety. RuPaul told her not to be afraid to do what she wants.

ginger ming does adele for snatch game rupauls drag race 2015

RuPaul then introduced the guest judges as contestants for the Snatch Game. Each drag queen on the panel was introduced as their character for the challenge. This included Alyssa Edwards and Big Ang as well as Adele, Raven Symone, Suze Orman, Little Richard and Donatella Versace.

kennedy davenport as lil richard snatch game rupauls drag race 2015 707

As the game progressed Ginger Minj said that Jaidynn, who was doing Raven Symone horribly, was probably going to be lip syncing for her life to stay in the competition. As RuPaul wrapped up the Snatch Game she said her therapist was going to benefit from this.

On Elimination Day Ginger Minj said she thought everyone was feeling the pressure. Katya said she was second guessing herself because she didn’t know where she stood in the eyes of the judges. Katya told Miss Fame she was freaking out and admitted that she has struggled with sobriety. Miss Fame shared that she had been sober for nine years. Katya then admitted to being terrified of failure and she used humor to smokescreen her fears. She then had a bit of a breakdown telling Miss Fame she felt like she didn’t belong in the competition and she has never been able to love herself. Katya said she didn’t expect to have the fears she was having throughout the competition. Miss Fame and Katya then hugged and Katya told Miss Fame she loved her.

When it came time for the drag queens to walk the runway the guest judges said they were ready to assess each queen’s performance. The drag queens then had to model in leather and lace outfits. Ginger Minj came out in a white outfit that she called Elvis “Prisley”. Katya walked the runway as Samantha Fox. Kennedy Davenport came out showing off her “black box.” Violet dressed like a 1940s woman and Max walked the runway dressed as a grieving widow. Jaidynn walked the ramp as Chaka Kan. Pearl came out in a pink outfit that seemed to please the judges. Miss Fame updated her “fresh and sexy look” to resemble something out of Cagney & Lacey.

Pearl and Violet were the first two drag queens to be told by RuPaul that they were safe from elimination this week. The judge’s then gave critiques and Ginger Minj was praised for impersonating Adele. Michelle said the shape of her hair was too triangular. Miss Fame was told she looked absolutely stunning tonight and that her style was something different. She was also told it seemed like she wasn’t fully focused on the competition. Kennedy Davenport was told she took a weird risk but the judges liked it. Max was told she looked to normal for the Snatch Game. Jaidynn was told her look fell flat. Katya was told she looked beautiful and she acted like a 45 year old Britney Spears. RuPaul then dismissed the drag queens from the stage so they could discuss each one.

max sent home from rupauls drag race snatch game 2015

Ginger Minj was praised for choosing a challenging yet creative character. Kennedy Davenport was praised for her over the top character during the Snatch Game. The judges loved Katya dressing as Suze Orman. RuPaul then announced she had made her decision. Kennedy Davenport and Ginger Minj were told they both won the Snatch Game challenge for the week. Jaidynn and Max were told they were up for elimination. Max said she was overwhelmingly disappointed in herself. Max and Jaidynn then had to perform their lip sync to try and avoid being eliminated this week. Jaidynn said she refused to go home this week and she had to protect her spot in the competition. RuPaul then announced that Max was being eliminated this week. She ended the show by saying she regretted her decision to send one particular drag queen home early, but she refused to name names.