RHOA Ep 16 Season 7: Nene Leakes Needs Some Group Action

nene leakes face problems on real housewives of atlanta 2015


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are at it again and this episode picks up right where it left off last week with Cynthia brought up the whole Chocolate text messages.

porsha stirs pot up on kandi with phaedra on real housewives of atlanta recap 2015

Phaedra meets with Porsha and they talk about what happened and at the same time we see Peter and Cynthia talking about what happened too. The two members of Team Phaedra call out Cynthia about how she dropped the bomb at the table. Porsha takes the time to instigate the situation further by bringing up the fact that Kandi didn’t do anything to help but was in fact the last one to come out to check on Phaedra after it all went down. This one really really wants and needs to get star billing back on this show, and Ms. Porsha is making sure to keep some type of storyline with her in it. She may be saying she’s suddenly in the money from her hair product, but like so many of these Housewives, it feels more like it’s credit stretched as far as it’ll go along with lots of presents from all those African princes sailing into Atlanta.

phaedra making face about kandi on real housewives of atlanta 2015

Speaking of Kandi, with all that she has been going on with Todd, they take a visit to a therapist (in fact the one Porsha and Kordell saw when they were married). They have only been married for six months and during the session, Todd brings up what has been really bothering him- the pre-nup. Let me just say that Todd is being so petty right here because he is speaking like they are not even married. The way Kandi changed the pre-nup has been bothering him for six months and he is letting that have an impact on their marriage right now. He was asked during the session if he is or was cheating and he totally avoided the question. I do not Kandi for changing that damn pre-nup and in fact, I take my hat off to her. She did exactly what she should have done- protected her shit.

kandi with todd therapy divorce on real housewives of atlanta 2015

Cynthia and Team Kenya as well as Demetria show up for Peter’s awards gala. Kandi and Todd also show up and the men excuse themselves while the ladies talk about what happened last night. Peter and Todd have a conversation about it and Todd reveals that he knew the text messages because Apollo came to his house and told both Kandi and himself.

cynthia kendra and kandi at peters award show real housewives of atlanta 2015

On the other hand, the girls are confronting Kandi Burruss about how she didn’t say anything and asked if she knew about the affair. Kandi says no which you can so tell that the others, specifically Kenya, don’t believe her. During the dinner while Peter is speaking, Kenya has a look on her fact that says, “Don’t fuck with me” all the while, Kandi leans on Todd’s shoulder saying, “they done kicked me out the group” laughing. During the ceremony, Kandi receives the Salute to Excellence Award.

Nene Leakes talking to therapist about group counseling on rhoa 2015

Next, there’s NeNe Leakes, who talks to Dr. Jeff about what is going with the girls. She expresses to him how she and Cynthia use to be very good friends, almost sisters, and are not anymore. She asks him if he is willing to come and speak to her and the girls. He agrees and tells her that he will treat her the same way in his critiques to which she says that’s fine.

phaedra walks out on cynthia meeting rhoa 2015

Cynthia Bailey meets with Phaedra Parks at a restaurant and it is full of awkward silence in the beginning. Cynthia jumps right into it to address what happened the other night. Phaedra is looking for an apology and Cynthia is looking to have a conversation so that they can get it all out in the open. “It is no way, me begging for forgiveness.” Phaedra says something about Cynthia not fact checking and Cynthia checks her and says that she doesn’t fact check either, “This is not a group that fact checks.” At that, the lawyer gets up and walks away from the table because, “Girl, she bout to get fucked up.”

evil mama joyce mean to kandi on real housewives of atlanta 2015

Kandi meets with Mama Joyce at one of her stores later. She asks her about Todd and Kandi says they are “cool.” She looks at her like, “Oh really?” Of course she is not going to tell her mother that they are in therapy because she would look at that “like a celebration.” Joyce then tells her daughter that she has changed and she is so critical. Kandi breaks down to her that she always finds fault in her and never fesses up to what she does wrong. After the moment passes, Joyce pulls out a key and remote to her house and gives it to her daughter (which was a big deal before) but says, “Todd does not get a key to my house.” I was so happy with the absence of Mama Joyce all these weeks as she truly is that psychic vampire we’ve all had in our lives at one point. I couldn’t believe that Kandi actually took a minute away from her after all the house buying and the woman still not being happy. Sadly, if Kandi and Todd don’t make it, she is easily the one that really poisoned the well for them.

nene leakes face problems on real housewives of atlanta 2015

Later on, the girls meet up with NeNe at a Mexican restaurant where they plan to meet she plans to tell them about Dr. Jeff. We find out that Kenya and Phaedra were not invited to the lunch because of what happened before. NeNe goes right into saying that they have not all acted like ladies and Cynthia interrupts her to point out that she is one of the main ones. On this note, Cynthia is wrong because NeNe had already said she was one of the main ones.

The girls take the time ask why don’t get along, etc. etc. calling out the other, bringing up things from Puerto Rico, blah, blah. I mean, I feel like NeNe, for what it’s worth, is really trying here and they are all so catty and petty, especially Cynthia in this particular scene, that they can’t make any progress. She tells them about seeing Dr. Jeff here to which Kandi says, “I don’t need think I need to be there.”

kandi rolls eyes at nene counseling group real housewives of atlanta

NeNe brings up the fact that she needs to work out some issues with Phaedra and Kandi is totally taken aback by it. Porsha chimes in and says that she was not as vocal during the night of the fight and NeNe says that bothered Phaedra. Kandi didn’t know about any of this and reluctantly agrees to the therapy.

claudia ready for nene leakes group scene on real housewives of atlanta 2015

In the end, the ladies exit on a calm note but it is clear from the previews for the next episode that this is just the quiet before the storm. We’ll see what happens next week when they have the session with Dr. Jeff. In the previews, it shows Nene Leakes is the one walking out on the group while her therapist has to chase her into an elevator. I really used to like Nene when this show started, but something happened once Ryan Murphy took an interest in her and put her on Glee and The New Normal. Murphy, known for taking an interest and losing it just as quickly has already moved on to other things, but Nene keeps acting like she’s so above the rest of the group, including Kandi, who could buy and sell Ms. Leakes in a minute. It’s obvious she thinks that she’ll have control of the situation since it’s her therapist, but it never works out that way.