RHOA Ep 14 Season 7: Apollo Gets Locked Out

RHOA Ep 14 Season 7 Apollo Gets Locked Out

RHOA Ep 14 Season 7 Apollo Gets Locked Out

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya and Cynthia visit Claudia at her new place which overlooks the city. She tells them what happened at the Dish Nation party with Porsha which causes her to break down crying to the girls. “It just reminds me of high school…I’ve been trying my best to rise above the pettiness and take the high road.” Kenya tells her that they are going to support her no matter what.

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This is why Claudia is my fave. She is real and she doesn’t have a problem being real. She talks openly about her issues with Porsha and continually expresses her desire to move on from it all. She pays a visit to Ricky in his office and expresses to him how she feels about her work. He then asks the million dollar question, “Is everything good with you and Porsha?” She says no and he tells her that “someone has to be the bigger person” and move on because we have to work together. Then he goes to find Porsha. They come together to have a conversation. He tells them that he can feel the tension in the air and like the stuck up brat that she is, Porsha huffs and puffs, “What tension Ricky, what?” Claudia says “We’re supposed to be cool right” to which Porsha answers, “It’s not cool, we’re not friends… Please stop trying to create stuff with me.” Porsha is so full of herself. She just “wants to squash whatever negativity is coming to my work place.” Um did you ever consider that you are a source of it? Ricky then ends with prayer. Amen.

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Then there is Kandi. She and Todd head to L.A. so that she can do a part in a new film called Second Chance Christmas that he got for her. She notices that Todd is taking more bags than she is and asks him why he is staying a week later than she is. He tells her that he needs some time to which she looks at him like “for real.” He tells her, “I aint gonna go back and forth with you, you just like to argue.” She tells him that she is just going to shut down instead of arguing and that’s just what she does… and walks away.

So they go to L.A. and Kandi comes back home… alone. Carmon meets her at the house. Kandi tells her that L.A was fine but “I am not necessarily a fan of anywhere else but Atlanta.” She then tells her how she and Todd argued because she asked someone a question after he gave her the answer. She then tells her “girl we aint even had sex like that that much… we may do it once a week.” Kandi tells her that she initiates the sex which begs the question, is Todd stepping out. “The amount of times we have sex it seems like someone is cheating.” Then she says, “If he is misbehaving, just don’t let me find out about it.” Mmmmm, that doesn’t sound right. From this conversation she realizes they need counseling. “We’re just gonna have to work it out.

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In this episode too, Apollo is finally heading to jail and he needs some boy time, I guess, so he goes for a ride with Peter. Apollo tells him that he saw Phaedra’s phone and she is having an affair with some African guy named Chocolate. He has her text messages, which he sent to his phone and shows Peter. He tells Apollo to keep cool and not do something stupid. Don’t snap Apollo. Don’t… Snap! I’ve never seen such an influx of Africans descending on one city before, but Atlanta seems to be infested with them.

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A few hours later, Peter gets home and guess what? He tells Cynthia. He reads her the text messages and of course she is in total shock. Cynthia then pretty much calls Phaedra a hypocrite because she is always calling everyone else a hoe and THOT when she is having an affair herself. Damn right. I do feel like Peter just yearns to be one of the additional Housewives Of Atlanta because he just loves him some gossip and can’t hold it in for a minute!

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And remember Kenya and her TV show she is working on. Well we see her writing her script at 2 a.m. (what a work ethic) because she can’t find a writer. If nothing else, she works hard because she “doesn’t like to lose money.”

The next day, she and Brandon audition actresses. The girls go through their lines and Kenya just stares at them crazily. Then Cynthia comes in to read for character Cynthia and totally nails it. It is safe to say that she has the part.

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The episode ends with a majorly dramatic confrontation between Apollo and Phaedra. She thought he was in jail but he shows up the house. And he shows up when the repair guy is there to replace the garage with a new opener. Phaedra actually has all of the locks changed on the house and you know Apollo is pissed about that. She does not call the police on him but tells his friend Bun that he needs to come get him. Now when I say Apollo is heated, I mean he is livid going through the house cussing, messing stuff up. She stays calm the entire time.

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This was a really odd part of the show as Phaedra keeps talking about Apollo punching holes in the walls, but we’ve yet to see any of this. We know how producers of these reality shows live for moments like this, so you’d assume there would be some type of proof. Or at least Phaedra being the top rank lawyer would be collecting proof like crazy, but she just remains a very cool woman, and when she said her prayer comment to Apollo, it did make me laugh. For some reason, I think that both of them are equally at fault in all this, and she’s smart enough to wiggle her way out of trouble.

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The whole situation is very interesting because her calmness makes me wonder if the cheating claims are true. But then again, text messages don’t lie. But on the other hand, it’s just as easy to create fake text message, and if we remember, Apollo did fess up to making up the entire Kenya L.A. meeting last year.

We’ll find out next week.