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How many times have you done your banking or bill paying at the airport, coffee shop or somewhere where you’ve connected to a WiFi hotspot? Did you realize that all it takes is one hacker to tap into your connection and grab all your data or even plant malware on your laptop, phone or tablet? Yes, it’s that easy for them, especially in coffee shops and restaurants.

free wifi sign at airport not safe without vpn

All an identity thief needs is a battery-powered hotspot that fits in your hand. They create an identical looking network (called “evil twins”) knowing you likely aren’t paying that close attention. If the network sounds close enough to the airport or establishment you’re at, you’re probably going to click on that, especially if you don’t need to put in a password. Hackers rely on you being lazy so they can take full advantage of all your data long before you even realize it.

It’s frustrating, but that’s where Hotspot Shield comes to save you some sleepless nights and endless phone calls to your credit card and bank’s fraud lines. I learned this many years ago travelling so much working on back to back documentary films. I got lazy and tried taking care of business in between flights and wound up spending way more time on the phone with my bank trying to stop the nightmare I stupidly got myself into.

That’s when I discovered Hotspot Shield which, like its name says, completely shields all of your devices from hackers. It keeps your online activities anonymous so those tech companies like Facebook and Twitter can’t sell or share your private data. All of your data is encrypted whether you’re home, at work, or in a public space taking advantage of the free WiFi.

What’s been great is that those ads that creepily pop up after you visit different websites are gone with this great app. I hated getting e-mails suddenly coming in trying to sell me fitness equipment after I checked out the Peloton website. You know what I mean. If you’ve got a family, keeping them safe online is a must, and this is something you need to check out.

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A Leader In Internet Security

Hotspot Shield is actually the leader in this market with over 650 million users accessing the internet securely with no worries of their privacy being exposed or hackers stealing their valuable data. This app does three things that should be the most important things to your online security.

  • Keeps your data secure from hackers on all networks
  • Protects your privacy by making online activities anonymous
  • Provides unrestricted access to the internet from everywhere.

While it comes free, I would highly recommend getting the premium version as it costs as low as just $3.50 per month. What do you get for that low price you ask?

hotspot shield frontline security

Hotspot Shield Premium Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to 29 virtual server locations all over the world
  • Connect up to 5 devices to the app
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Dedicated customer support line
  • 45-day money back guarantee

How can you refuse a deal like that for what you get? Another thing I really liked was places like hospitals will restrict you from checking out the latest cuddly kitten and puppy videos on YouTube. With Hotspot Shield, you can access sites that might be restricted at your location.

hotspot shield one click to start

Is It Easy To Use?

This is the best part. Hotspot Shield is really just set and forget. All you do is download the app, install it and then just hit the big blue circle in the center of the screen that says ‘click the button to start connection’. That really is how easy it is to use.

hotspot shield in action images
hotspot shield premium settings

You can go into the settings to fine tune things to your liking and choose which country you want to connect to. I’ve never had a security app work as simple as this. If you want to turn it off, you just click the big blue button again and that’s it.

hotspot shield with man outside using wifi

While this article is sponsored by Hotspot Shield, all opinions are mine, and I can truly recommend this amazing security app.