REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Reunion 3: It Finally Gets Real

real housewives of atlanta breakdown for nene leaks 2015


Well, it is finally here. The last episode (number 25 to be exact) in the three-part reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7. For those that hadn’t seen it we wanted to wait a week so you had a chance, but if you’ve not here it is anyway.

It opens up with Andy talking about Kenya Moore and Apollo flirting. Peter is asked what he thinks (for whatever reason) and he actually takes up for Kenya and according to him, “she’s not the kind of woman who would go out and fuck someone’s husband.” He then says that everyone owes her an apology. It is so interesting that they are giving him a platform and this man is something else. He said that if he was going to cheat on his wife, he would do it big… you know like J Low or Beyoncé.  Yes Peter, and they would give it right up.

Kandi Burruss and Todd’s storyline is discussed and the death of his mother comes up. He holds back tears and Greg gives his condolences in a very manly way. He is just such a winner. One of the fan questions touches on the prenup thing and Kandi kind of brushes it off saying, “it’s nothing that is going to end our marriage.” Although, that prenup is still hanging heavy on them obviously.

cynthia rhoa about nene leakes betrayal

Then one of the biggest things that happened on the season is recapped- NeNe’s and Cynthia’s fall out. They were really good friends and they loved each other. They talk about what happened at the charity event when Peter and NeNe had a conversation. Cynthia Bailey recounts what happened from the beginning (what a long story). And while she is talking, NeNe Leakes is looking like, “what the hell ever bitch.” Cynthia accuses her of trying to get her kicked off the show and NeNe denies it. Then they go back and forth, “if you were ever a friend to me…blah, blah, blah” and NeNe defaults to the “you are all right… I am all wrong” shit again and it is just old (kind of like her). NeNe revealed that she was upset that Cynthia put out to the viewers and the to other girls that she was not a good friend and when asked if she still loved Cynthia, she hesitates and then says, “I wish her well.” It is obvious that they will never be as closed as they were but Cynthia’s hope is that they can be cordial when they see each other out and about.

Claudia Jordan and NeNe bring up their “fight” in Puerto Rico and the whole, I apologized, no you didn’t” is old as well. Just move the fuck on and let it go. A fan question asks NeNe why she called Claudia a half-breed. NeNe says that they were in the heat of the moment and it is a “battle of the words.” Andy asks if she wants to apologize to Claudia she says no BUT apologizes to everyone in the audience and the fans who may have taken offense.

Messy Andy brings up the shade that Kandi threw at Kenya during the Philippines about her booty being lopsided. She admits it, Kenya throws some back at her and that’s it. Then he brings up the fact that Cynthia said NeNe not being there made all the difference in a good way. She gives her answer and tip toes around the truth- she did say it.

He asks Kenya and Phaedra’s “breakthrough” moment, praying and working on their relationship. He asks if they were still good and for the most part, Phaedra Parks says that what happened, happened and I guess that means they are moving on from it.

Then we get to the realest moment of the whole season (in my opinion)- NeNe’s breakdown. They bring Dr. Jeff on the stage and she tells him how she felt about how see thinks he let the girls bag on her.

real housewives of atlanta reunion nene leakes breakdown 2015

She said that she didn’t get a chance to express herself the way the other girls did. NeNe then goes into how her mother didn’t raise her, how her father didn’t want her and all this other stuff. He sincerely apologizes to her. Claudia chimes in and tries to connect to what she has told everyone. Dr. Jeff tells NeNe that her pain is a part of her power.

One of the things I want to point out from what I see, when NeNe breaks down, Cynthia immediately shows concern for her by telling someone to get her some tissue. At this point, she is totally losing it and can’t hold her tears back. To see the girls’ reactions to her emotions is so interesting because there are those who feel compassion for her and others, like Kandi, who have the look on her face like “Child please.” Cynthia takes the first step to congratulate her in a very sisterly tone. I wish NeNe would just give their relationship another chance. Kenya takes the time to try to connect, NeNe gets up and walks away sobbing saying, “I can’t do this… I can’t talk about my momma.” Everyone gets up to show concern but Kandi and Claudia. Kenya looks at them and says, “come on” motioning for them to get their asses up and join the “awww” circle.

nene leakes tears for rhoa reunion 2015

Dr. Jeff and Porsha “carry” her out and Cynthia follows (along with Phaedra) while Team Kenya sits back on the couch. Andy asks Kenya “What do you think happened” and she says, “I think she is in a lot of pain.” Kandi is confused because she doesn’t know what set her off and Kenya, showing a lot of maturity says “you don’t have to understand it.”

The care and concern that I see these ladies showing her is great and if only they can show it the whole entire season. Throughout all of this, I am blown away by Cynthia’s obvious love for her and Kenya’s clarity on the situation.

NeNe comes back on stage and Andy says he feels like she had a breakthrough moment. She says, in a humble kind of way, that she feels she has been misunderstood.

For the record, I get it. She has been through shit. So have other people and we get past it. We cry in secret, with people that love us and keep it moving. She had her breakdown, learn from it, change and keep it moving.

Well that’s it for this season and what a season it was. I am sure they will bring it for round eight with full force drama, shade, cattiness and more.