GAME OF THRONES Ep 505: Who’s Boy To Kill?

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The name of this week’s Game of Thrones episode fit the script as Jon Snow is told to be a man and kill the inner boy that is holding him back. Leaders in this world don’t sit around questioning their decisions like a child might, so Snow has to be more decisive. The boy to be killed also pertains to Ramsay Bolton’s new sibling that is on the way, who may never make it out of the womb. I would love to have a life insurance policy on Roose Bolton’s wife right about now.

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The opening scene holds a bright spot for Dany’s crew. Grey Worm is indeed alive but in bad shape. Missandei gives him the bad news about Ser Barristan, who did not make it out of that alley alive. Worm is ashamed for feeling scared of never seeing Missandei as he lay bleeding after the ambush. Many fans of the show are not thrilled with Grey Worm living and Barristan going away. The latter is a much more interesting character, however that means nothing on this show with main characters getting whacked with no notice at all.

Dany uses her dragons nest as punishment for what happened to her trusted adviser and all the Unsullied that were attacked in the streets. The leaders of the elder families are rounded up and Dany breaks out the old tongue right before one of them is literally fed to her two chained dragons. It seems to me Daenerys could force her will on anyone just by mesmerizing dudes with that tantalizing old language. She threatens Hizdahr lo Loraq (guy who keeps pushing the pit fights) with the same fate, but instead locks him and the other leaders up until she can figure out what to do with them.

Maester Aemon gives Jon Snow the advice about growing up, telling him the decisions are not quite as important as the leader that makes them. Oh and Snow shouldn’t worry about half the guys at The Wall hating him, since they already do. Good to know! Snow wants Tormund Giantsbane to get the Wildlings onboard with Castle Black and calls the giant red bearded man a coward for not trying to save as many of his people as possible. Tormund seems a little less prideful than the recently barbecued Mance Raydar.

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Jon Snow tries to make a case to the Night’s Watch for uniting with the Freefolk. His guys are not down with it and who could blame them. These people were trying to kill everyone at Castle Black very recently. Jon’s protege Olly can’t fathom why his commander would join up with the same savages that killed the boy’s family.  Desperate times call for desperate measures boy.

Pod and Brienne are hold up in an inn watching the Boltons’ activities. The lady warrior sends a message to Sansa via an old dude who appears loyal to the Starks. Sansa receives the message that tells her how to send a distress signal if the need arises. Trust me, the need is arising with every second she spends with Ramsay. Not only does Sansa have to deal with Ramsay, but also his pissed off mistress Myranda. This little wench shows Sansa the pitiful Theon as he sleeps with the other pets. Sansa is distraught after seeing the guy who used to be part of her family, then turned on them and supposedly killed her younger brothers. Sansa’s whole existence has been a living hell since her daddy got his head lopped off. She is constantly surrounded by monsters.

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The news of the new Bolton baby, probably a boy according to Roose, is announced as Sansa endures an awkward dinner with Ramsay, his dad, and stepmother. This incensed Ramsay as he sees his status dwindling with the birth of a rival son on the horizon. Sansa finds great pleasure in this since Ramsay just dragged her and Theon down murder memory lane while they dined. Ramsay drudging up Theon’s alleged role in the killing of the younger Stark boys reminds us how sinister he is and is also a reminder to us viewers who need refreshers now and then. With 432 characters and these two boys being off screen this whole season, these reminders are helpful.

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Wedding memo: Theon will be giving Sansa away at the wedding. Sansa should light that distress signal candle asap.

Sam’s status as Whitewalker killer grows as even Stannis is curious about how he managed such a feat. Apparently Sam’s dad was quite a warrior according to Stannis. He tells Sam to keep reading in order to gain more knowledge about these creatures and how to defeat them. Sam, once a sniveling loser, is now seen as valuable even by the hard hearted Stannis Baratheon. Sam is no warrior himself, but he has a passion for reading and finally that has a place in this violent world he finds himself in.

Since Dany is down to the barebones when it comes to advisers, she asks Missandei her opinion. While her assistant isn’t schooled in the art of war or leadership, she does recognize the greatness inside Dany and tells her she should make her own decisions. That sounded good to me until she decides she is going to marry Hizdahr lo Loraq instead of feeding him to her dragons. She hopes this will bridge the gap between the two classes in the city, and she plans to open the fighting pits up once again.

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Tyrion’s boat ride with Jorah got worse. Still no complimentary wine and then they had to deal with stone men jumping onto their boat. This after seeing Drogon fly overhead. Tyrion was truly amazed at the site. Jorah was able to save himself and Tyrion, but is now infected with greyscale from touching the stone men. Hard to fight those guys without touching them at all apparently.

christie watching game of thrones kill the boy recap images 2015

There were plenty of great scenes this week, but the story didn’t progress much. Stannis is just starting his march toward Winterfell. Tyrion and Jorah are not very close to their destination now that they lost their boat. And Jon Snow is once again going to try and convince the Wildlings to fight alongside his crew. I would much rather seen Snow riding out with Stannis. Maybe this sets the stage for Snow and the Wildlings bailing out Stannis at Winterfell in some fashion though.