5 Best Moments From GAME OF THRONES 509 Dance of Dragons

shireen tied to stake game of thrones dance of dragons 2015

game of thrones 509 recap images 2015It’s been a long time coming but Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally picking up in the latter stages of the season. Last week’s episode blew us away with many top moments and ‘Dance of Dragons’ was no different, so here’s a look at some of the best moments.

game of thrones jon snow brings wildings to wall 509 2015Jon Snow bringing the Wildlings past the wall

We knew this was going to happen but when it finally came down to it, the newly appointed Lord Commander may have been humiliated as he gambled on whether Alliser Thorne would open the gates for him and a couple hundred Wildlings.

Fortunately for Jon, Thorne does it and as the Wildlings enter, you can see the disdain on the faces of the rest of the Night’s Watch, directed at Jon for doing this. Olly in particular, whose family was killed by the Wildlings, was particularly cold even when Jon smiled at him.

It all builds up to something bad happening to our favorite bastard in the next episode which is said to ‘break the internet.’

Daenerys and Jorah reunion?

When Jorah first encounters Dany again, she wants him to get out of her sight so she still expressed anger against her former adviser. However, when he’s in the fighting pits and in danger, Dany actually shows concern for him and Tyrion – who feels the same – encourages her to stop the fight.

Luckily for Jorah, he makes it alive and even saves Dany by throwing a spear at one of the Harpies. While chaos ensued, Jorah and Dany were in a five second staredown which eventually leads to her holding his hand and letting him save her which was a very nice scene to see, especially after what he’s gone through the past season.

However, it makes one wonder – if Jorah has greyscale, is Dany at risk of getting it as well now that she’s touched Jorah?

trystane martell goes to kings landing game of thrones 509 2015Trystane Martell going to King’s Landing

The Dorne storyline has been a bit of a joke especially since it’s completely deviated from what happens in the books. However, one good thing to come out of it is the fact that not only is Myrcella going back home but Trystane is also accompanying her, getting a seat in the Small Council.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see where that takes us in the story as I don’t know about you, but I already like Trystane from the small amount of scenes we’ve seen him in.

game of thrones ellaria with jaime 509 2015Ellaria and Jaime’s conversation

We all loved Oberyn Martell and were terrified when he died. Ellaria has all the reasons to be angry but she took it a bit far which lead to many disliking her. However, after swearing her allegiance to Doran Martell, she calms down and shortly afterwards, is with Jaime privately.

Rather than an angry outburst, we see a different side of her as she interestingly tells him that his incest with Cersei would be completely normal in Dorne and no one would judge him even if his last name wasn’t Targaryen. She then says that Myrcella isn’t at fault and neither is Jaime for what happened to Oberyn. It was interesting to see this change of heart and hopefully, we have better scenes from Dorne next season.

shireen game of thrones burned at stake dragons 2015Shireen gets burned alive

This is obviously the biggest moment and not because it was awesome or anything. Stannis goes completely out of character, having defended his daughter for ages and ends up giving the order to burn his only living offspring.

It was foreshadowed for ages but it was one of those moments which you still never expected to happen, especially when a fan favorite like Stannis mercilessly watched his daughter scream and beg for help.

shireen tied to stake game of thrones dance of dragons 2015

With that one decision, Stannis broke the Internet with his own fans – including me – having a frenzy and turning on the ‘one true King.’ Davos may have expected Melisandre to do it but I doubt he ever expected Stannis to be the one issuing the orders so once he returns from Castle Black, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how he takes this bit of news.

We’ve seen more shocking stuff from the show in the past but it was still heart wrenching to see a lovely girl like Shireen cry and scream as her parents watched. It’s also ironic how Selyse despised her daughter and in the end, showed more humanity than Stannis by wanting to save her.

These last two weeks have been crazy and next week, it’ll only get crazier as the season comes to a close. Stay tuned!