‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna slammed by Lymes in the Sand

real housewives of beverly hills lisa rinna slammed by lymes in the sand 2016 images

real housewives of beverly hills lisa rinna slammed by lymes in the sand 2016 images

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Lyme’s in the Sand,” Yolanda receives an award for the awareness she has brought to Lyme’s disease. Meanwhile, the women head off to Dubai for yet another drama-filled adventure.

The episode kicks off back in New York, where Yolanda is seen dolled up “for the first time in 14 months,” as she arrives at the Global Lyme Alliance Gala. Yolanda is joined by most of the other housewives, as well as her family. Awkwardly enough Yolanda’s daughter Gigi’s now ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas makes his housewives debut.

At the Gala, Gigi presents Yolanda an award, as she is being recognized for all that she has done for the Lyme’s community. In addition, some of the other attendees who spoke at the event mention their struggle with convincing people that they are actually ill. At this point, Kyle Richards finally seems to believe that Lyme’s disease is an actual thing and spends most of the night being overly emotional (and evidently ashamed of not believing Yolanda for so long). Erika makes a point to basically say “I told you so” when she sees Kyle get emotional, as she emphasizes just how wrong it was for her and the other housewives to be doubting Yolanda’s condition. However, Kyle tries to cover her tracks as she alleges that she would “never” of let the skepticism continue like Lisa R. did.

After the short glimpse of New York, the women are all seen back in Beverly Hills as they pack up for their whirlwind trip to Dubai. Hands down Erika has the best packing team, as she has her whole glam squad (which she previously referred to as her “gay village”) helping her pick out the most glamorous outfits possible. Like the true diva she is, Erika decides to sneak her glam squad with her, as she evidently wants to outshine all of the other women (which, lets face it, she will).

While the women are busy packing their luggage, Yolanda is also in Beverly Hills doing her own version of packing. Yolanda explains that she and (her then husband) David have had their Malibu mansion up for sale for over a year, and they finally have sold it. While she is happy to see it finally off their hands, she does admit that she finds it difficult to part with some of the things she has made her own in the house – i.e. her ultra-sleek glass door produce fridge and lemon grove.

In ultimate housewife style, a fleet of private cars escorts the other women as they change planes while stopping over in Atlanta. A couple of hours later the ladies are seen finally landing in Dubai and arriving at their over-the-top hotel. Here, Lisa R. and Eileen end up getting their own suites, while Erika gets stuck with Kathryn (which she claims she has no problem with) and Kyle and Lisa V. room together in the prestigious $40,000 a night room.

real housewives of beverly hills lymes in the sand lisa eileen 2016

Once in Dubai, the ladies take in the glitz and glamour of the hotel. Even for a show like the Real Housewives, I have to admit the place is pretty spectacular. Crazily enough Kyle and Lisa get confused when they enter their room, as it is nearly 10,000 square feet and they initially get confused thinking the lobby of their personal room is a general lobby for all guests (yes, its that big).

Back in Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville makes her triumphant return to the show. She goes over to visit Yolanda and engages her in some Brandi-esque gossip. She gushes that she went on a date with a really great guy off Tinder, but she couldn’t get past his “really short arms.” Yolanda laughs but advises Brandi to stop fixating on superficial things.

In a rare moment, Yolanda also discusses her daughter Bella’s love life with Brandi. Yolanda confirms that Bella is still dating The Weeknd. She goes on to admit that while she likes The Weeknd’s music, she can’t help but be a bit thrown off by the content of his lyrics (which happen to be pretty sexual in nature), as she is the mother of his girlfriend. Brandi laughs and playfully admits to having a little crush on the musician.

Shortly after, Yolanda begins talking about her whole situation with Lisa R. and how she has been critical of Yolanda’s illness. Immediately this prompts Brandi to go after Lisa’s hair. Like the Brandi we all know and love, she blurts out, “I think [Lisa’s] wig glue is going to her head, and she needs to check herself.”

While Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards may have gotten the most expensive suite out of all of the women, I don’t think anyone has a right to complain. Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna’s jaws drop as they see a shark tank right outside their bedroom windows.

Lastly, the ladies all change into their special Dubai muumuus (except Kathryn, who looks particularly out of place in her cheetah print cocktail dress) and gather for dinner. Conveniently enough, Kyle surprises the ladies with gifts, which just so happen to be more muumuus! Thus, Kathryn decides to cave in and puts on her new muumuu so that she can match all of her fellow housewives.

At dinner, the ladies immediately begin talking about Yolanda. Kyle opens up about the touching experience she had while supporting Yolanda at the Gala in New York. Erika tells Lisa R. that she wishes that she were there, as she feels it would have answered a lot of her questions. Lisa R. then goes on to clarify that she has never doubted that Yolanda is sick. However, she is confused by how Yolanda seems to manipulate her illness to allow her to pick and choose where she wants to show up. Erika sticks up for Yolanda and tries to explain to Lisa that there is no way that Yolanda would choose to be in bed all day and miss out on experiences like being in Dubai or seeing her daughters at New York Fashion Week.

After what seems like forever, the ladies finally decide to put aside all the drama for the night. Unfortunately with these ladies it most likely won’t be long until the bickering starts up again.

You can catch more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when it returns next Tuesday on Bravo.