‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Pt 2 Phaedra Parks still okay with male violence on Kenya Moore

kandi on kenya moore real housewives of atlanta reuion 2016 images

real housewives of atlanta reunion pt 2 phaedra parks still okay with male violence on kenya moor 2016 images

On the second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season eight reunion, Kenya Moore continues her “woe is me” sad song and Porsha Williams comes for Cynthia’s husband.

The subject of Cynthia Bailey and Porsha’s fight comes up, and while it seemed the cast members moved on from their incident during the season, they rehash hard feelings this week. The two try their best not to play the blame game at first, but as they speak more about it and express how they truly feel, it turns into “this would not have happened if so and so.” It especially gets interesting when the issue of how Porsha got her bruises comes up and Cynthia says, “She must have done them herself later.” If you remember, she went to the hospital after their fight and even showed Phaedra her injuries. Things get heated and then simmer down, but not before the two parties involved say some choice words.

Then just when you think Cyn and Porsha will emerge from the situation with their “friendship” intact, Peter takes the stage, and Ms. Williams cannot help but put him on blast. Andy asks him about his sports bar, and we learn that he spends most of his time in Charlotte. The host then asks Cynthia where she’s spending her time, and she says “Atlanta.” Now, because Andy is messy, he states the obvious, “It sounds like you two are separating.” Peter maintains that they are not. When asked if Peter looked guilty in the viral video showing him getting too close to a female patron of at his Sports One club, Cynthia replies,

“I know Peter. I think if he was going to come on to someone, he probably wouldn’t do it in a club — I think he would be a little more discreet about it actually.”

Can we address what Cynthia actually reveals to us? She essentially say I know if my husband is going to cheat on me, he would not get caught. How the hell do you know this Cyn? Could it be from experience? Things really pop off when Porsha interjects herself into the conversation by saying to Peter, “Your house isn’t exactly clean — like, you need to clean your porch.” He dares her to elaborate, and she does so by saying that she knows waitresses in his bar are being paid with a penis. Also, she insinuates that every 19-year-old hottie in Atlanta has had a taste of Peter Thomas.

Of course, Kenya is not going to let her talk about her friend’s marriage like that and mentions Porsha’s “African man.” Why is everyone on the show involved with an African in some form or fashion? Phaedra supposedly had one last season. Porsha had one at some point in time, and Kenya had/has one too? Anyway, they go back and forth, and it is not pretty.

“You need to shut your mouth, Porsha, because if it’s not a d— in it, you don’t even know what you’re saying.”

Well damn! Porsha responds by saying “Why don’t you talk about the one you tuck every day before you come to work?” Sigh, these chicks always have to hit below the belt.

Then there is Phaedra and Andy asks her to elaborate on the comments she made during the season about not caring what folks had to say concerning taking her boys to see their father in prison. He presses her to name people, and she mentions Kandi. The singer then jumps in and gives her two cents on the situation claiming that she would have done things differently if in the situation. Phaedra still doesn’t care what she has to say.

The other big segment and source of contention this week is the situation that happened in Miami with Tammy’s nephew, Glen Rice. This is where Kenya maintains she is ALWAYS the victim. The issue here is that Phaedra (and others) believes Kenya kicked him out of the house because he didn’t return her advances while Kandi (and others) did get a weird vibe from him. In Kenya’s view, if she is the one expressing herself about a situation, no matter what, people will criticize and blame her somehow.

kandi on kenya moore real housewives of atlanta reuion 2016 images

I have to admit that in this particular storyline, Kenya was justified in asking him to leave. The thing about her, though, and this is something she has to understand when you are always the center of contention in a group, you will never get the benefit of the doubt, even when you are right. She is the boy who cried wolf, and we all know how that story goes. So I get why the other women see the situation with Glen the way in which they do. With that, their disdain for all things Kenya clouds their judgment in this situation. He was out of line, he was too aggressive, he was overly hostile, and Kenya was right. Period. Kandi sums up my and other people’s feelings by saying,

“She didn’t slap him, she didn’t hit him, she didn’t even call him out his name. So y’all are just pacifying it like he didn’t even do anything, and I cannot believe y’all are acting like that was okay! He should never have aggressively turned around, started throwing up gang signs like he was fixing to do something. It shouldn’t have happened.”

Kandi then calls them out for “being quiet” now.

The reunion concludes next week and for all the NeNe Leakes lovers, your girl is back.