POWER 208: Ghost Keeping Three Moves Ahead

power 208 ghost three moves ahead recap 2015 images

power 208 three moves recap images 2015Ghost is having to keep Three Moves Ahead this week on “Power” as Lobos is in New York and ready to get what he came for. The episode opens up with a hit on him, (while he’s in the pool getting head by the way) which makes him nervous. He tells his assistant that New York is not safe anymore. They need to get the money from Ghost and leave.

Tasha and Ghost meet at the house and she tells him that he needs to start keeping her in loop about the plan. “No more blind faith.” He tells her that Angela is not after them, she is trying to get Lobos. This of course serves as an issue as this will cut of their supplier. They hatch a plan that will hopefully take care of all their problems; to kill Lobos and find another supplier. Tasha also asks Ghost if Angela suspects him at all and he assures her that she doesn’t

Speaking of Angela, after hacking Ghost’s phone with the help of a mystery guy, she pays him a visit to understand just how it all works. He breaks it down for her and asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. You know she said yes.

power 208 ghost three moves ahead recap 2015 imagesTommy and Ghost meet and have a little spat about the whole situation and it is becoming clearer that Tommy has an issue with the way Ghost is doing shit. He tells him that Angela is looking for Lobos so they should kill him. Tommy is not feeling it. He asks him where they are going to go for their product and Ghost tells him that this is their chance to leave the drug life and start new. Tommy ain’t hearing it and walks away. Kanan is also back and wants Shawn to give him all the info he can on what Ghost is doing.

Lobos calls Ghost and tells him he wants them to meet not about the money but something else. Of course Angela is able to see the call log and deciphers a hidden message. She later follows Ghost to a clothing store. While on the phone with him she asks where he is and he says Truth, obviously lying.

A little while later, Ghost meets with Lobos who tells him that he wants him to take on more responsibility. Ghost informs him that he cannot run a Mexican drug cartel from NYC. Lobos tells Jamie he wants him to take over for him in the US as the head of all of his dealers. He further tells him that he needs to drop Tommy because he is holding him back.

Kanan and Dre come up with a plan to get rid of Ghost and Tommy for good. He rounds up all the local distributors behind their backs and pretty much gets buy in from them to move without Ghost. He also tells the Serbian that Ghost and his people were the ones who hit them, which further intensifies their issues.

Tasha and Shawn continue to keep their relationship a secret. Kiesha comes over for dinner and she can tell straight out that they have slept together and calls Tasha out about it. She can’t say anything and pretty much tells her friend to fuck off.

Angela and Ghost get it on and afterward she goes into panic mode, begging Jamie to run away with her. She knows that shit is about to go down and there is nothing that she can do to save him.

Later that day, she shows up at the Lobos’ hotel with the rest of her team. They go in while she waits outside (after seeing Jamie and Tommy go into the hotel separately). They arrest Lobos AND Tommy. They also bring out a body covered with a sheet. Angela’s heart stops as she thinks it is Ghost. She quickly goes over to the stretcher, pulls the covers back and low and behold, it’s Lobos’ assistant/lover. Ghost watches everything from a hotel window unbeknownst to Angela. She calls him, he doesn’t answer and she leaves him a stern voice mail message for him to call her immediately.

That night, Shawn confronts his dad asking him if he got Tommy arrested. Kanan denies it and spills the beans that Ghost and Tommy framed him and sent him to prison all those years ago. He guilt’s him into plotting to kill Ghost, since it’s his fault Shawn and his dad didn’t have a father/son relationship.

Angela celebrates with the crew as they give her cheers and thanks for the good work. She, however, cannot take it all in because she is thinking about Ghost.

At the end of the episode, she gets a text from him saying that the business he had to take care of at Truth is done and they can leave tomorrow. I am not sure what this means; if he sent Tommy to jail on purpose and is running away with her or if he is referring to something else.

I tell you one thing, it makes for a suspenseful almost season finale next week.