UPDATE: “It seems in my quest to call out another publication on creating “clickbait” I have done the same, which is definitely not my intention. I believe that Castiel is a very valid and important part of Supernatural, and my apologies if the above article made it sound otherwise. Although I do not ship Destiel, that does not mean I do not understand the attraction, and that does not mean that I do not fully support those who do. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and welcome to their own ship.”

What is the difference between an article written to provide an opinion, and when is it just clickbait?

Recently, PopSugar posted an article entitled, “Dean and Castiel are the Best Damn Part of Supernatural, Period.” Reading the article, you will find the author is more than likely a Destiel shipper. (Those who “ship” Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins), together.) They delve into the relationship between Cas and Dean, and how strong their bond is. And that “Dean and Castiel” are the best part of Supernatural.

However – I must politely – but very strongly – disagree.

Yes. There is a bond between Dean and Castiel. A bond of friendship. That bond does not begin to compare with the bond that Sam and Dean have. Sam and Dean’s bond is built on years, upon years, upon years of special moments (driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole; watching the fireworks in Season 5; Swan Song).

Don’t get me wrong; I love Castiel. I love his naivety, his constant willingness to help out the brothers … Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without him. But … how can you say that Dean and Castiel are the best part of the show? Misha Collins only joined Supernatural in Season 4. That’s a full three seasons of just Sam and Dean. In my honest opinion, that’s your ship talking. There are people who want certain relationships to happen so badly, that they block out everything else – including the good of the Show.

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Back to my opening question. When is an article just click bait? The PopSugar article is one person’s opinion of the Show. They are more than welcome to that opinion – but why is this news? Why is it important that everyone in fandom know that this person thinks Dean and Castiel are the best? The reason?

Because it gets clicks. Because those who do love Destiel will like, and share; and those that don’t, will like and share – and comment. For example, the tweet that promotes the article (which simply says “Sorry, Sam … #Supernatural”) has 517 likes. 150 retweets. And 409 COMMENTS. That’s a lot of time that people have spent on commenting on an article that is just one person’s opinion.

So … I’m going to say shame on you, PopSugar. Shame on you for stirring up even more rivalry in a fandom that is having enough problems of its own, thank you.

Editor’s Note: We appreciate our writer’s and reader’s opinions, and for those with a dissenting opinion, you might try writing your own article to submit explaining why you disagree. We encourage that kind of dialogue rather than the usual minority within the #SPNFamily creating a huge firestorm where only feelings get hurt. Exchanging differing opinions is how we can learn and grow.

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  1. The PopSugar piece was shit. Yeah, lets continue to have fetishize gay/bi men and refuse to acknowledge or celebrate platonic intimacy. This is why the online fandom (coughTumblrcough) is so goddamn annoying. The subtext is there, for those who wish it to be there. Destiel is not canon. Jensen has said it wasn’t real, even Eric Kripke has said that Dean was straight. I left tumblr because I received so much hate from the Destiel shippers saying I was homophobic because I didn’t ship Destiel and that I was crazy, that I should kill myself and a host of horrible things. Supernatural is about family. It’s about two brothers hunting the supernatural with friends who become family along the way (Castiel, Bobby, Charlie…). If you want a destiel show, go read fanfiction.

  2. I appreciate you, Carol. That article was some clickbait bullshit. Shippers may be acting defensive and claiming they’ve never said Sam has to take a backseat now, but it’s nothing they haven’t been trying to push for years. Just look at the comments under any cw_spn tweet, it’s constantly asking when destiel is going to be canon, when dean and cas are going to be reunited, where cas is. Even when it’s a tweet solely about Sam or Sam and Lucifer or Sam and Mary. They put on airs but they don’t give a single fuck about Sam unless they can claim it’s “shipper!Sam.”

  3. Thank you. I agree with you fully. If the PS piece were on a personal blog that’s one thing, but to have it on such an large site can legitimize it for some people to point to and say, “See? I was right and ‘they’ were wrong.”

    I truly miss the old days of fair and balanced reporting that was taught during Ethics courses in Journalism School. But I’m just an old lady, what do I know?

  4. This is really rich It’s just an opinion piece by PopSugar, and granted, a bit of clickbait, but you’ve just ridden the clickbait coattails by trying to get more eyeballs based on some other article’s wank.

    “Sam and Dean’s bond is built on years, upon years, upon years of special moments.”

    So is Dean and Castiel’s, and it is profound.

    • I can’t believe the irony of this article.

      It’s a clickbait article that is trying to act superior to PopSugar’s clickbait article.

      The difference? PopSugar stated one opinion, their own. No where in the article did they attempt to invalidate anyone’s interpretation of the series, nor call into question people’s preferences.

      This article on the other hand does nothing but insult fans:
      “But … how can you say that Dean and Castiel are the best part of the show?”

      Hmm…let’s see, how can I and other people feel this way? Because it’s something called a television show, which people watch for entertainment, and fall in love with various elements, and Dean and Castiel’s relationship is one element, and it’s clearly popular and widely happened.

      “It’s your ship talking.”

      Oh, beautiful! Not only do you presume to tell people that their opinions are invalid, but you psychoanalyze their motives. There have been numerous TV shows were people fall in love with supporting characters, or relationships, and this becomes the #1 draw of the series. Simply because you don’t understand it or don’t like it, doesn’t make it invalid or wrong.

      “Yes. There is a bond between Dean and Castiel. A bond of friendship.”

      Look up the word POLYSEMIC. All stories have a polysemic reading, they can be viewed and interpreted in many ways. What I quoted above is one reading. I happen to see a very clear romantic subtext between Dean and Castiel’s narrative that has led me to ship them. I have every right to my reading as you have to your own.

      “Sam and Dean’s bond is built on years, upon years, upon years of special moments”

      Castiel has appeared in over 100+ episodes and has been a part of Supernatural for a decade. Dean and Castiel have a bond built upon years, upon years, upon years of special moments too. Not sure why you have to ignore that the same applies to Dean and Castiel. This is literally a friendship that started when Cas pulled Dean out of perdition which create an extrordinary bond between them. “Dean and I do have a profound bond” that’s literally canon text. We’ve seen each of them being brainwashed and have the power of their love break through it. Again, canon text. So I’m not sure why you need to invalidate a fan’s preference for Dean/Cas by mentioning that Sam and Dean have an extensive relationship, as though that what? Makes Dean and Castiel’s extensive relationship disappear? LOL Both relationships are long, extensive, and profound. I’m not the one trying to invalidate one for the other, you are.

      “Misha Collins only joined Supernatural in Season 4. That’s a full three seasons of just Sam and Dean.”

      What does that have to do with anything? So the early years only included Dean/Sam so by default fans have to prefer their relationship? Once again, you are trying to create RULES for being a fan, rules for having personal preferences and opinions.

      Notice how the original article, as clickbaity as it was, never dictated that anyone should feel the way the author of the article stated. This aritlce on the other hand, does all that and more. It presumes to tell fans that if you like “X and Y” then it has to be because of your shipper preference. And if you prefer “X and Y” then this cannot be because Dean and Sam have a close relationship and they were both around when Cas wasnt in Seasons 1-3.

      Why police people’s opinions? Why invalidate people’s reading of a polysemic text? Why tell someone they cannot prefer one element of a television show over another? Why tell them that they cannot prefer two character’s bond because one charater wasn’t around for the first 3 years of a 13 year old season?


      And the fact that this is a movietechgeeks article surprises no one, does it?


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