Philip Prajoux talks ‘Supernatural’ priesthood and ‘Timeless’

Philip Prajoux talks ‘Supernatural’ priesthood and ‘Timeless’

Philip Prajoux talks 'Supernatural' priesthood and 'Timeless' 2017 images

Philip Prajoux appeared in episode 8 of this season of Supernatural, LOTUS, as the priest. He was also in Hello Destroyer, an indie film about a junior hockey player, which has garnered recognition from Indie 88 (, a music, news and lifestyle website. You might also recognize him from stints on Timeless, Arrow and The Rise of the Krays.

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What was it like, working on the set of Supernatural?

Working on the set of Supernatural was a great experience. The cast and crew were so professional, while also being kind and welcoming. So many people that I spoke with had been there since day one, so they seemed to have this inherent trust that everyone around them knew exactly what they were doing, which they did. People were joking around with one another while working away,  Jensen and Jared included. The rapport those guys have with the crew, the sincerity in which they spoke to everyone around them, the jokes they were cracking with the director (Phil Sgriccia) were all great to see. It’s a pretty cool thing to see such camaraderie on set; it really reaffirmed why I wanted to work in this industry.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories to share?

I don’t think there is any one story that really sticks out. The make up on Michael Querin (who played the Archbishop) was terrifying, and definitely made me double take after I saw him come out of Make-up. More than anything though, the whole day was just such a great experience, I can’t say it enough.  The energy, the crew, the cast, the car it was all just so cool to see and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to play in such an iconic show.

Philip Prajoux  on timeless episode

You’ve been in a couple of other Vancouver-shot series, other than Supernatural – Arrow and Timeless. Did you film Timeless before or after Supernatural, and were there any comparisons? (As both shows were created by Eric Kripke.)

I filmed the episode of Timeless a few weeks before I got to play In Supernatural. Both experiences were fantastic! Casts and crew were so welcoming. Although Timeless has only just started, it seemed to have that budding familial sense about it that Supernatural is so full of.

Have you found yourself recognized from Supernatural at all?

Not yet. I’m a pretty solid homebody, I also don’t usually walk around clean shaven, so I’ll blame it on those reasons.

Philip Prajoux supernatural movie tv tech geeks interview

Do you have any current projects that you’d like to share?

I don’t have anything in the works at the moment, just trying to work off all the Christmas eating. However, I was just notified that an independent film that I worked on last year, Hello Destroyer, made @indie88toronto’s list for the Best Movies of 2016, so that was pretty special. Going forward though, just getting back to auditioning and looking forward to a great 2017!


Carol Hansson is a freelance writer out of Northern British Columbia. Her interests include writing, reading, her horses – and of course, Supernatural.

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