‘Paranormal Witness’ 411 When Hell Freezes Over Recap

paranormal witness 411 when hell freezes over 2015 recap images

paranormal witness 411 when hell freezes over 2015 recap imagesIt’s all about ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ on this week’s episode of “Paranormal Witness,” and Kristel Smart talked about ending a relationship and losing her grandmother and family house. Kristel had a younger sister named Kerrie in a bad relationship, and both women needed a place to live, along with Kristel’s young daughter Taylor. Together they bought a house in Vermont and had their friend Dawn move in too. They found a cold stone wall in the house that looked like an outside wall.

The night they moved in they went to bed at 2 a.m even though they hadn’t moved all their belongings into the house yet. Kristel woke up to the sound of footsteps and giggling in the hall. Kristel thought it was her daughter making the noise and sent her back to bed. Kristel then heard a loud creak and saw a shadow that looked like someone walking through the hallway. Kristel walked past the stone wall and was struck by a sudden gust of cold. She heard footsteps behind her and felt someone breathing into her ear, but there was no one there.

Kerrie said there was a shift in the energy of the house, and it didn’t feel right. Kristel said the house was always cold even though it was September when they moved in, Kerrie called the landlord and told them the house was freezing no matter what they did. A repairman filled their heater with propane to get them through the winter. The next day the house was even colder. They were told the fuel had been used up, and they had to pay another $500 to get more.

Kristel woke up one night to tapping on her window. She saw a crack forming across the window, causing her whole body to stiffen. The crack in the window was gone the next morning. Kerrie said that night she woke up to hear a choir singing Amazing Grace. She went into the hallway and saw everyone was asleep in the house. The singing continued, and there were a lot of muffled voices that sounded like a church choir. Kerrie said the sound was coming from outside the house, but no one was near it.

One day someone knocked on the door but when they answered it no one was there. Then someone started pounding on the door, and a key was shoved under the door into the house. Kristel chalked it up to a neighborhood prank. Later that day she heard Taylor in her room talking to herself. She poked her head in the room and saw her looking up talking to someone above her. Kristel asked her to take dishes into the kitchen, and Terry threw them at her and then threw herself on the floor. Kristel said something was changing her daughter’s personality. Kristel said she was worried about Dawn, who was retreating into herself.

Kristel heard the boiler catch on fire and called 911. The fireman said that the furnace blew up, but they didn’t know why. Alone in her bedroom a few nights later Taylor started screaming. She pointed at the wall and said she had seen monster eyes on the wall, but Kristel said it was just a drawing. Kristel took Taylor into her bedroom for the night. Kerrie tried to convince Kristel something creepy was happening in the house.

The next morning Kristel heard a scraping sound and went into the hallway to investigate. The dining room chairs were moving on their own. Dawn came in then, and chairs kept pulling away from the dining room table. Dawn said she couldn’t take it anymore, and she moved out immediately. Kerrie found a bee on their plate. The bee multiplied until the room filled up with them. They were making a loud noise, and thousands of them were taking over the house. The bees threw themselves at the windows to get through the cracks and into the house. Kerrie and Kristel taped up their windows to keep the bees out.

They called an exterminator and could tell he was uncomfortable with the number of bees in the house. Kerrie and Kristel decided they needed to get out of the house.  Taylor’s teacher showed Kristel a picture she drew of the house featuring black figures with orange eyes in the windows. Kristel was sitting in her car crying until her neighbor interrupted her. She told him they thought their house was haunted and he wasn’t surprised to hear it. Kristel researched the house and found out a church used to  be there, which she thought explained the stone wall in the house. The church had been set on fire, leading Kristel to believe a curse had been put on the house. Kristel thought maybe the congregation was haunting them because Kristel was a single mother. They made the decision to leave the house and go to their mother’s house. But they got snowed in and had to stay. Kristel described the freezing weather as lethal. They felt like the weather turned on them so that they had to stay in the house.

Doors started slamming in the house and the piano played itself. They heard footstep in the hallway. Kristel heard whispers and saw a shadow on the wall that wanted to hurt them. Then the room suddenly got still and quiet. The three of them woke up to see dark shadows shaped like humans moving around the house. Then the shadows suddenly disappeared and the storm passed. They moved out of the house and went to live with their mother.