Ozobot Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Tech Geeks Toys

ozobot review 2015 hottest tech geek toys

Ozobot is the latest programmable robot that can be controlled through the block-based programming editor called OzoBlockly.

How Much?

An Ozobot Single Pack costs $49.99, and it is already inclusive of 2 Ozobots (each with a protective carrying case), 2 standard cover skins and another 2 limited edition skins, game and instruction cards, and 2 micro-USB cables. You may choose between the Crystal White and the Titanium Black versions. But if you want to have both, you can simply purchase the Ozobot Double Pack, which contains the two versions.

Who Would Buy The Ozobot?

In the past, coding may not be the first thing that parents would want their kids to learn. However, times are changing, and so are the interests and tastes of children. Even at a very young age, many are already showing signs of proficiency when it comes to coding and programming. What better way to nurture that than to provide them with tools that allow them to learn coding and programming while playing?

ozobot smart robot 2015 hottest tech goysThings We Like About The Ozobot

They are round, they are small (only around 1 inch in height and diameter!) and they are interactive! These alone are already enough to make us gush over it.

Fortunately, it has a lot more to offer.

There are no complaints about it being bulky or taking up too much space. It is so handy, you can even slip it inside your pocket.

To fully maximize the Ozobot, there are free apps that you can download in order to build custom maps and program your Ozobot to perform a variety of functions. You can even make it dance!

Ozobot also encourages group interaction, since you can use it to challenge your friends to various strategy games. Ozobot apps are now available for both iOS and Android users, so no one will be left out!

There’s more. If you log on to Ozobot.com, you can follow the free STEM/STREAM lesson plans and workshops designed specifically for Ozobot users.

Things We Did Not Like About The Ozobot

At first, some kids may encounter difficulties when drawing the programming codes. With a bit of practice, however, it will become a breeze. Also, many are wishing that Ozobot is waterproof (it’s not) and we are on the same boat on that suggestion.


Ozobot guarantees that its products are of high quality. They do, however, offer a 90-day return policy.

Is The Ozobot Worth The Money?

Anything that can make programming fun and easy for young children is definitely a product that is worth buying.

ozobot awards 2015 hottest techWhere Can I Buy The Ozobot?

Ozobots are available from numerous retailers that are authorized to sell them. One of these authorized retailers is Amazon, the largest online marketplace for practically anything under the sun. What makes Amazon the ideal place to get Ozobots is how it offers a lot of deals and discounts, and even throws in the Free Shipping option. Check here for your best price options.

Final Thoughts For The Ozobot

Open bigger doors to bigger worlds for your kids by introducing them to the little wonders that is Ozobots!