Chocolate Picture Maker Review: 2015 Hottest Kids Toys

chocolate picture maker review 2015 hottest kids toys

This new creation from Zimpli Kids is one sweet deal: it lets kids make and personalise their own chocolate bar! The Chocolate Picture Maker reinforces what everyone know and love about chocolates, and adds more fun to it!

How Much?

Consumers may purchase one 320-gram box of the Chocolate Picture Maker for $18.06. This is the 4 Bar Pack, comprising of 4 bags each of Dark, White, and Milk Chocolate. Beginners may opt for the 80-gram or the 1 Bar Pack, containing 1 bag each of the 3 types of chocolates. It costs around $6.24.

Who Would Buy The Chocolate Picture Maker?

Anyone who loves chocolates and would like to make them personally will definitely want to get a hold of this Zimpli Kids creation. Whether they are aspiring chocolatiers or they simply want to create their own chocolate bars for fun, they are in for a lot of hours of fun with friends and family while “working” with the Chocolate Picture Maker.

chocolate picture maker package 2015 imagesThings We Like About The Chocolate Picture Maker

We all love variety in our chocolates, and the Chocolate Picture Maker makes that possible. Each pack comes with three types of chocolate: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. This means that, whatever your personal chocolate preferences are, there is bound to be something for you.

And here’s the best part: they are 100% Belgian chocolate! Zimpli Kids did not spare any expense in ensuring that you get the best quality chocolate with the Chocolate Picture Maker. It does not contain any artificial colors and flavors, and there are no preservatives, either! Parents will feel more at ease letting their kids loose around it. Even vegetarians and health-conscious individuals are covered, since the Chocolate Picture Maker makes use of gluten-free ingredients!

The whole process of making your own chocolate bar was simplified. All you have to do is melt the contents of the sachets in a bowl filled with warm tap water. Let the chocolate melt, and you can get started! A stencil is provided to help you along, and you can get as arty and creative as you want!

Things We Did Not Like About The Chocolate Picture Maker

So far, we have no complaints about this Zimpli Kids product.




Zimpli Kids guarantees that its products are safe and free from any harmful chemicals.

Is The Chocolate Picture Maker Worth The Money?

When you see the look of delight on your kids’ faces, and anyone that gets to work with the Chocolate Picture Maker, you will definitely have no regrets whatsoever of buying this product.

Where Can I Buy The Chocolate Picture Maker?

The Zimpli Kids website already has the Chocolate Picture Maker available for sale. However, if you are looking for better and more convenient alternatives, a highly recommended option is Amazon. This marketplace is where you will find various products, including the Chocolate Picture Maker, offered at great deals. You may also purchase it and avail of their ongoing Free Shipping promo. Make sure to check here for the best prices as sales will be popping up through the holidays.

Final Thoughts For The Chocolate Picture Maker

Have fun with chocolates and be as creative as you want while designing them. All you need is the Chocolate Picture Maker!