Brock Osweiler had no time for White House Visit with good reason

Who can blame Brock Osweiler for opting not to join his former team as they head to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl win with POTUS? The former Broncos QB didn’t exactly end his time with Denver on the best of terms.

His coach replaced him with a broken down Peyton Manning late in the year, and Osweiler ended up bouncing to Houston as soon as they made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

I can’t see any reason Osweiler should take time away from his new team to head to the most corrupt region in America. He’s a Texan now, and no matter how mundane the OTAs are, as a leader he has to be there.

Running off to enjoy the spoils of another franchise wouldn’t send a good message to his current teammates.

I’m sure Obama won’t miss Osweiler. The Prez is probably busy juggling foreign policy, getting briefed on the economy, and loading that armor-plated U-haul so he and his family can leave that awful job behind. The meet and greet will go fine without a guy who didn’t get on the field at all during the Super Bowl.

Some will overstate the importance of the White House trip. They will accuse Osweiler of not seeing the significance of what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to shake hands with the President of the United States.

Maybe those people are right, but this isn’t the 1960s.

Americans have about as much respect for their government as Gary Kubiak had for Osweiler when he benched the 5-2 starter. The approval rating for POTUS is at about 50 percent of the country. As for Congress, only 15 percent of those polled say they approve of the way Congress is handling the nation’s business.

With numbers like that, no one can say Osweiler is being disrespectful by not heading off to the capitol. Washington D.C. deserves very little respect at this point. And with the nasty general election coming up, it appears to be heading in an even worse direction.

With the hatred being shown for Hillary and Trump, we may see the lowest turnout ever for the next few Super Bowl meetups at the White House.

I’m sure Brock Osweiler could have made a quick flight to check out the White House and get one last taste of a Super Bowl win. His regular season play did make that championship run possible. So he deserves all the spoils that come with it.

However, I respect the kid more for not attending than doing what the public expects him to do. He knew he might take some heat for turning down the invite, yet he chose to stay with his new team in the heat of summer.

That should get him some loyalty points with his new coach and teammates. The Texans already showed him some real loyalty with that fat contract they gave him to move to Houston.

Osweiler isn’t out to make a big political statement. Nor is he trying to shun the Denver Broncos because of some deep-rooted bitterness.

While he may have some hard feelings toward his old team, it’s more about priorities. And right now, leading his new team is far above following his old team to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.