Oliver & Connor’s Thorny Birds For HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap

Oliver Connors Thorny Birds For HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap

Oliver & Connors Thorny Birds For HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap

If you missed last week’s How To Get Away With Murder on TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday), you missed some really important updates that tied up some loose strings from the winter premiere, Killer Christmas. Go see my recap to get up to speed.

This week we pick right back up with Annalise’s sister in law, Hannah, played by the amazing Marcia Gay Harden, who is in town to get to the bottom of what happened to her brother.

annalise spents her holiday in hotel drunken stupor for how to get away with murder

Shonda Rhimes and the crew give us a glimpse into what Annalise did during the holiday season. It looks like she went to some hotel and had an all-out crying fest. Awwww.

annalise how to get away with murder on marcia gay harden stalker 2015

In present time, Annalise comes home to see Hannah waiting for her. She gets straight to the point and questions her about her brother, asking her why she hasn’t considered foul play and why she went away after Sam left (went missing). These are some hardcore questions that any caring sister would ask.

Next we see the Keating Four… or Five… back for the next semester, each trying to find some semblance of normalcy. Colin lets everyone know that Hannah is in town and for some reason Wes believes that Annalise should have told him. He storms into her office questioning her. She tells him that she didn’t want to burden him. Just then Bonnie barges in to let her know that a woman is there about needing a lawyer. Annalise is super mean to her because she doesn’t believe that she is a real victim but someone trying to figure out more information about Sam’s trial. Annalise walks away after giving her the third degree only to dramatically turn around and stare at her when the woman says that her husband is holding two girls captive in their basement. Talk about a case.

Of course Annalise takes it. This woman was a captive herself of her “husband” since the time she was 16 years old and is now coming forth. Annalise goes to the DA to get a plea deal for the lady. The Keating Four doesn’t think they should take the case because she is an accomplice but good old Annie thinks differently.

We find out that Laurel visited her family in West Palm Beach over the break. She is Hispanic which I didn’t know (did you?) She pretty much goes off on her family at the table (probably out of anxiety) and her father banishes her telling her to go back “home” to Philadelphia.

Hannah gets more and more intense with Annalise telling her that if she is nog toing to give her the info she needs, she has to use other unorthodox forms to find answers. This woman is tough; and does not back down.

In other news, Annalise and Nate are sleeping together again and can you really blame her I mean look at him. So much eye candy my teeth hurt. But I digress.

connor gets back with oliver for how to get away with murder 2015

Colin tries to get back with his boyfriend and by try I mean he acts like his cheating and other issues didn’t happen. He makes him believe that he is recovering from drugs and ends up staying there watching a movie. When Colin later comes outside, his car is gone. Which really sucks because… oh yea… they transported Sam’s dead body in his car. Oh damn, but like everything with this murder, it all went up in flames. I love this relationship because it’s like so many that we’ve all gone through whether you’re straight or gay. You meet that really messed up person who you think you can fix, and no matter how hard you try to resist them when you know it’s going to end badly, you just keep coming back for more hurt. Oliver is playing this so real as he’s someone not used to having anyone really look his way, and now he’s got someone who’s very attractive but with more baggage than Kim Kardashian on a weekend getaway! There’s a very funny scene with The Thorn Birds that Oliver has rented, and tells Connor that he can’t go out with him because if he doesn’t watch this movie, it’ll….expire. What a great funny scene, and I’m rooting for these two.

The case Annalise takes on takes a turn for the interesting when she lady admits to drugging the girls being held captive so that they would not be awake when they were rapped. Yea this is controversial especially among the Keating Four but then it is revealed the woman has taken the last baby that was born for her own.

how to get away with murder annalise comforting crazy woman 2015

This woman is actually crazy because she has the baby, who is now around four years old, in a place by herself… with a giraffe. We see the girl emerge with her companion holding the hand of a police officer after Annalise was able to get her location from the crazy lady.

Also, Laurel thinks Frank knows that the Keating Four killed Sam and it’s weird because their interaction has the other thinking that they are talking about something else. It pretty much builds up that Laurel or one of the others is going to tell him.

Then, the student crew has a round table of sorts on Annalise’s porch to talk about what happened so that they will not go crazy. Colin confronts Laurel about ratting them out to Annalise and lets her and everyone else know that he doesn’t trust them. Then, Hannah shows up and asks, “Who are all of you?” Oh Hannah, if you only knew.

how to get away with murder marcia gay harden working bonnie for hannah 2015

But Hannah has some tricks up her sleeve to find out what she wants to know and starts with Bonnie using the fact that Bonnie was in love with Sam in an effort to get her talking.

We find out that Annalise lied to the woman she was representing in order to know where the little girl was. SHE resigns as her lawyer and walks out. We also find out that a lead that they got on Sam is one planted by Frank at the request of Annalise.

Finally, Annalise cooks a meal for Hannah and herself and before they even get to cutting the chicken, they argue and Hannah calls her out saying, “I am done with it… I want the truth.” Annalise tells her to go ahead and ask. She tells her that she lied to the police and that she did everything she could to cover Sam’s tracks. They shed tears over the fact that Sam is gone.

And in the last scene, Rebecca is watching TV when it is reported that Sam’s remains have been found in a landfill.

It’s getting hot in here for sure.