Novak Djokovic Answers Some Wacky Fan Questions

novak djokovic opening mouth up for mans tennis ball 2015

novak djokovic answers fans weird questions 2015 images

Novak Djokovic always treats his fans well and recently took to Twitter to let them ask him some weird, wacky and oddball questions. As you can see in the video below, he’s a good sport, and the questions were pretty much no holds barred…especially when dealing with his elasticity and staying power.

It was a good tension reliever as he is about to duke it out in the quarterfinals with David Ferrer, and if he wins, he’ll be playing against the impressive John Isner, who has won two matches against Top 10 contenders. He just took out Kei Nishikori on Thursday at the 2015 Miami Open Masters so it should be a great match whoever wins.

Here’s the questions Djokovic was asked and his funny responses, but the video is even funnier as he tries to come up with some answers in pictures. The guy isn’t afraid of looking silly that’s for sure!

Can you fit a tennis ball in your mouth?novak djokovic opening mouth up for mans tennis ball 2015novak djokovic testing how wide his mouth goes for tennis balls 2015

Why does Boris Becker watch your matches with his shoes off?

novak djokovic answer smile fan quetions 2015

Djokovic gives a reference to Becker distracting his opponents with a wafting downwind smell.

Where does your incredible body elasticity help you more – in professional life or your personal life?

novak djokovic laughing at boris becker shoesless 2015

He speaks on how it helps tremendously on the court and coyly mentions asking his wife about the off the court elastic movements he can do.

The last one asks him to give the funniest face he can do. He’s actually been doing that on a few of those questions. Enjoy the video below:

novak djokovic making funny face for 2015 miami open novak djokovic hanging tongue out for david ferrer 2015