BRING IT! Ep 210 Recap: Neva that Butch Diva Returns

butch neva divas of olive branch on bring it ep 210

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This week on Bring It!, it is definitely on and popping. The fabulous Dancing Dolls are competing in Greenwood, MS and their biggest rival this week is the Divas of Olive Branch. If you remember what happened last time they walked away before the awards ceremony because of a miscommunication/misunderstanding about girls talking on stage during the stage battle, which caused her and Diana to go at it.

butch neva divas of olive branch on bring it ep 210

It is so funny too to see the coach for the Divas of Olive Branch, Neva, talk to her girls about how they need to dance and that they are bringing the “A plus.” She is determined to beat The Dancing Dolls this time around and her personal issues with Diana add fuel to the fire.

This week it is Tamia who leads the girls as captain because Kayla is leaving in two months after graduation. Crystianna is chosen to do the solo category. Being one of the youngest members of the team, her mom Rittnay is very excited for her. We see here that Diana is really trying to use other girls in order to groom them. This is a good thing because it helps the girls to get better and boost their confidence.

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During practice, it looks like Tamia is kind of having some trouble and Diana tells her to take her swag meter from zero to 100.  Now if you remember the last time another girl lead beside Kayla, it was Carmyn and she did a good job. Looking at Tamia though, I feel like she is a better dancer but for whatever reason, she is taking her time and not really putting any effort into what she is doing during practice. Diana sees it, she doesn’t like it and Tamia needs to do something about it.

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Diana works with Crystianna on her solo after the other girls lave and it is clear that this girl can dance. She is really good and from my view, she is better than a lot of the others on the team. Ms. D likes what she sees in practice from her but she is concerned about the day of the competition because the last time she had a solo, she froze up and just stopped.

The day of competition comes and Neva prances in with her girls loud and excited. She pumps their heads all the way up and leaves nothing left to chance. During the waiting stages, Neva decides to go and talk to Diana about what happened the last time they met. She tells her that she didn’t like what happened, in particular some of the actions that Diana did. Ms. D didn’t really want to hear what she had to say and just kind of goes off on her. And she escalates the situation to another level, which is what she always does.

Neva goes back to her girls after her interaction with Diana and she is just over the top. She didn’t come off like this the last time we saw her and I think it has everything to do with what happened at that competition.

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The solo competition is first. The captain for the Divas of Olive Branch takes the stage and so does the rest of the team. She dances her solo, which isn’t bad, while the other girls sit on the floor watching her. Then something happens- Neva takes off her robe and decides to join them on the stage. According to her, she wants to let people know that she can dance and that she doesn’t hire people to teach the girls. She actually does a good job.

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Next, it is the Dancing Dolls turn and Crystianna shines. The other girls are used in the intro and she dances her butt off. She looks so pretty and executes it perfectly. Everyone is very proud of her especially Ms. Diana.

After that, before the stand battle, Tamia starts crying. Diana and Kayla help get her nerves under control because Ms. D trusts her with the team.

The time comes for the stand battle and Tamia does a great job leading. One of their moves involves swinging their hair and Neva looks at them not understanding what all the hair slinging is about, “that’s not dancing.”

crystianna kills it for bring it dancing dolls 2015

The girls are out their doing their thing and then guess what happens? Ms. D joins them on the floor (as their secret weapon) and Neva cannot believe what she sees. Neva looks at it and say, “This is bull shit.” For the record, Diana kills the dance. I mean like, she shows all the way off and upsets the hell out of Neva. She tells her girls to turn their backs on the Dancing Dolls WHILE they are on the floor. Yes, Neva tells her team to do that and I’m cannot believe it. It is clear that the Divas of Olive Branch are thrown off by it.

In the end, Crystianna wins first place for the solo and the Dancing Dolls come in first place in stand battle. Neva cannot take it. “What just a damn minute.” She looks pissed off to the max.

The next time the two teams will meet is at the Battle Royal competition later on in the season.