NFL Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

nfl super bowl xlix predictions 2015

Super Bowl predictions are about as worthless as two minutes of Phil Simms commentary. No one has any idea what will happen in the Super Bowl, yet we will hear all manner of predictions from the guys and gals on the major networks. They will tell us which quarterback is going to do this or that. We will even learn what the final score will be if we watch the pregame shows right up until kickoff.

Of course no one knows what will happen in any sporting contest. We can all give it a guess, but anything can and usually does happen in a football game. One play can turn the momentum around to cause a blowout or give a team a shot at a comeback in a close game. Trying to predict actual events in a game is like trying to map out your life. It rarely goes just as you thought it would. That said, here are my Super Bowl predictions! I won’t try to guess the minor details because that is impossible. I will just take some educated guesses, which can be no worse than the talking heads on TV.

super bowl xlix predictions with tom brady russell wilson images

I see Russell Wilson having a good game. If he has back to back miserable outings, that would be shocking. The game against the Packers was the outlier and a betting man would follow the overriding trend. That trend has Russell Wilson playing well the vast majority of the time. He is 10-0 versus Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. That includes the game against the Packers in which he threw four interceptions and could not have played worse had he been handed a suitcase full of cash to throw the game on purpose. That tells me that the odds are with Wilson in this championship game.

Rob Gronkowski will have a big game. If he has under 100 yards receiving I will be shocked. He is the one member of the Patriots receiving corps that is not outmatched versus The Legion Of Boom. Richard Sherman and ET3 will feast on the likes of Edelman and Amendola, but the bionic tight end will do damage in this game. He is healthy and will be looking to make an impact after failing to do so the last time he was in the Super Bowl.

The rushing attack that New England used against the Colts will be tossed out the window. The Seahawks gave up some yards to Eddie Lacy in the NFC Title Game, but LeGarrette Blount is not on Lacy’s level. The Patriots will win or lose this game on the arm of Tom Brady. They will use short passes as virtual running plays, and take deep shots when they are available.

Marshawn Lynch will get at least one touchdown and his typical 100 yards rushing. The Packers played great defense on the guy for most of their contest. But he just kept grinding and once the fourth quarter rolled around he was in beast mode and the defense was in retreat mode. The fact that Pete Carroll stayed with the running game down 16-0 says something about his belief in his back and his offense.

This is a pretty safe bet. Katy Perry will look unbelievable during the halftime show. Hopefully Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth can compose themselves after the show unlike their counterparts on College Gameday when Perry shook up the hosts with her mere presence.

This last prediction is the only one I would advise you to put real money on. It is a lock. All the footballs will be properly inflated, even if that means having a special ops team accompanying the footballs 24 hours a day until kickoff.