NBA Basketball Apparel and Souvenirs Every Fan Must Have

Basketball Apparel and Souvenirs Every NBA Fan Must Have 2018 images
With the NBA Finals being lackluster last season, basketball fans are looking for something to remind them of the glory days. You know, last season when the Golden State Warriors didn’t have the second-best player in the world on their already-stacked roster.

When your favorite team had at least a hope of going somewhere in the playoffs. Or even earlier this season when it seemed your team might have a slim chance (even though deep down you knew they had no chance).

nba basketball play slamming into net

Those days seem to be gone, but that just gives you more time to bolster your collection while your team waits its turn. Whether you’re a Houston Rockets fanatic or can’t get enough of those Los Angeles Clippers, you’ve probably got plenty of jerseys of your favorite team, hats, t-shirts, team shorts, and other apparel.

While that’s all fine and dandy, there are a few things that every NBA fan, no matter what team or player you’re cheering for night in and night out, should have.

So, whether you’re the world’s biggest New York Knicks fan or secretly love Damian Lillard, here are a few classics to get you started.

nba jerseys every fan wants 2018 season

Team Basketball

All right; so here’s a basic one to get you started. But, hey, if you’re a huge basketball fan, this is a must-have and a great place to start. While you might have plenty of your favorite team’s jerseys, you know you want to get your favorite player’s jersey too.

Whether you like going down to the gym to shoot some hoops or you just want to use it as a display, snag yourself a Utah Jazz logo basketball. Check out the full Stephen Curry selection here.

stephen curry golden state warriors jersey

Or, if you’re training to be like your favorite player, get yourself a basketball jersey. Imagine going to the court with an Isaiah Thomas ball. Or striding in with a DeMar DeRozan jersey and the ball to match. It’s the best way to stand out from all the other ballers around.

fathead wall graphics michael jordon bulls 2017

Fathead NBA Wall Graphics

I recommend Fathead Wall Graphics for any sport, any player, and any fan. These things are the bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas. Really an unbelievable addition to any collection that every NBA fan will love. You can check out their full selection here.

nba wall graphics fathead gift ideas

Think about it: a life-sized Paul George in your man cave. Or the entire Boston Celtics lineup of Fathead minis. You can get a massive Charlotte Hornets logo on your wall or even a panorama of Madison Square Garden.

With Fathead, there are endless options. Turn your house into a shrine to your favorite players and teams!

NBA 2k18 ps4 xbox one games

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K is the undisputed king of basketball games. If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably played a few versions of this classic. If you haven’t, you need to locate the nearest gamer store and go buy some older used versions in preparation for this awesomeness. Of course, you can also find all of them right on eBay too.

2K18 dropped in September for PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s bound to be the best of an amazing series. You can check it out here as it’s on sale.

There’s the Standard Edition featuring Kyrie Irving for your standard basketball fan that isn’t huge into video games. If you’re at the gamer-baller crossroads, however, there’s the Legend Edition featuring Shaquille O’Neal in his Miami Heat uniform which comes with loads of digital extras, a poster, some stickers, and even a few trading cards.

And, of course, for the NBA 2K fanatics, there’s the Legend Edition Gold featuring Shaq in his Los Angeles Lakers jersey. This version is packed with digital extras, even more physical goods, and everything you need to become the LeBron James of digital basketball.

nba mini basketball hoops

Mini Basketball Hoop

Most basketball fans love to play basketball. Or, at the very least, we love to crumble up a piece of paper and shoot it into the trash and yell “Kobe!”

If you’re tired of being too productive at work, looking to be just slightly more active at home, or simply love throwing balls into hoops, you need a mini basketball hoop to put on your door. Pretend you’re Anthony Davis and slam it down. Or be Stephen Curry with the clock winding down.

Play the sport you love without having to go to the gym and get all sweaty.

lebron james nike basketball sneakers

The Shoes to Match

If you’re a basketball fanatic, you most likely have at least one pair of basketball shoes in your collection already. Time to add another one (or five). Basketball shoes are the perfect way to show off your dedication wherever you go. Match them with the jersey, and you’re a super fan.

Whether you go for some classic Air Jordans or you keep it more modern with some Kobe Bryants and LeBrons, the shoes show off your team and sport (and they’re in style right now, so there’s that added bonus).

The only downside is some of these pairs can go for over $500. Fortunately, you can find some guys like Kevin Durant or Chris Paul for a little cheaper. Or, if you hate all the guys that have shoe deals right now, just get some generic Steph Curry Nike shoes for the same look.

Either way, you’ll be repping your sport, and adequately prepared if anyone makes the mistake of approaching you and challenging you to a game of 1-on-1.

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