‘Mr Robot’ 201 Five Nine taking over aka 0unm4sk-pt1.tc Part 1

'Mr Robot' 201 Five Nine taking over aka 0unm4sk-pt1 2016 images

'Mr Robot' 201 Five Nine taking over aka 0unm4sk-pt1.tc Part 1  2016 images

USA Network’s hit series Mr. Robot returned this week with its 2nd season with an interesting sounding episode “0unm4sk-pt1.tc Part 1.” After nearly 11 months of waiting, fans were treated to not 1, but 2 forty-minute long episodes of the suspenseful drama. In part one of the premiere, Elliot is seen taking extreme measures in order to keep his internal issues at bay.

The first episode starts off with Elliot and Tyrell performing the hack that subsequently took down all of E Corp (aka “Evil Corp”). This scene quickly comes to a close as Elliot is seen reaching into the popcorn machine (in F Society’s secret arcade workshop), which presumably still has a gun hiding out in it.

Next, we flash-forward to where Elliot is now after the whole hack throws the world economy into a tailspin. He is now living with his mother and following a strict daily regimen in order to refrain from falling back into his old ways (and dealing with his alter ego, Mr. Robot). Everyday Elliot wakes up at the same time and joins his new friend Leon for lunch, where he absently listens to Leon (played by Joey Bada$$) babble on about different Seinfeld episodes. He then hits up the neighborhood basketball court, where he mindlessly watches game after game of recreational ball. After doing some household chores, Elliot once again dines with Leon. While he doesn’t seem to be thrilled about his new life, it is clearly the only thing he can do to ward away/ignore the inner demons that he was battling throughout season 1. In addition, Elliot’s mom does not own any computers or advanced technology, preventing him from re-entering the black hole of cyber hacking.

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Unfortunately, even with his set daily routine, Elliot still can’t shake off the presence of Mr. Robot. He keeps a journal of everything that happens from day-to-day, in an attempt to keep track of what he is doing at all times. However, much of it is filled with the rants of his father, Mr. Robot, who unwelcomingly continues to seep into his life. While Elliot does not want him around, he also realizes that Mr. Robot is the only way for him to find the whereabouts of Tyrell.

Meanwhile, Darlene is still deep within the world of hacking. After messing with one of the E Corp’s counsel member’s technology-filled home, Darlene is able to get her to vacate the premise – and subsequently break in. From her brave antics, it quickly becomes clear that Darlene has taken over things at F Society and is [attempting] to make up for Elliot’s current absence.

Elliot gets a visit from his old boss Gideon. Gideon pleads with Elliot to come clean about his involvement in the whole scandal, going on to threaten to spill it all himself. Gideon reveals that the FBI is on Elliot’s trail and knows that he is [at least] partially responsible for the E Corp hack. This is when Mr. Robot jumps back into the picture and tries to convince Elliot to dispose of his former boss. However, Elliot refuses to do so at this point.

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Unfortunately, while Darlene continues to lead F Society, she is having notable troubles trying to keep the group’s growing number of workers focused. While many of them are busy celebrating their current successes, Darlene tries her best to ensure that they don’t get too comfortable (as she knows not to underestimate the power E Corp still holds). Realizing that deleting all of E Corp’s debt records didn’t result in the drastic societal changes that F Society had hoped it would, Darlene puts forward a new plan in which she hacks E Corp’s system and demands for them to pay $5.9 million.

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E Corp’s CEO Phillip Price is completely in shock when he sees F Society’s recent request. The executives have a meeting, discussing the possibility of paying the ransom in order to resume their company’s server. However, it is revealed that the FBI will not grant a sanction for the company to do so. After some hesitation, the executives finally agree that they will meet F Society’s demands and the newly appointed CTO decides he will be the one to deliver the small fortune.

You can catch more Mr. Robot next Wednesday, July 20 on USA.