‘Mr Robot’ 202 E Corp bows to F Society aka 0unm4sk-pt2.tc Part 2

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‘Mr Robot’ 201 E Corp bows to F Society aka 0unm4sk-pt2.tc Part 2 images

The cult hit series Mr. Robot returned this week for Season 2. After nearly 11 months of waiting, fans were treated to not 1, but 2 forty-minute long episodes of the suspenseful drama. In part two of the premiere (0unm4sk-pt2.tc), Angela’s new reality is revealed, while E Corp gives in to F Society’s latest demands.

In the opening of the second part of the premiere episode, E Corp’s CTO Scott Knowles is seen heading to the specified public meeting point with the $5.9 million that F Society has requested. Soon enough, a man on a bike (evidently a messenger sent by F Society) confronts him and subsequently hands over a backpack. Scott is then instructed to put on an F Society mask (found in the backpack), pour out the nearly $6 million he has with him and set fire to it. Darlene and a crowd gaze on, as F Society once again succeeded in furthering their stance on E Corp’s financial dominance.

E Corp’s CEO Phillip Price heads to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of the government. He tries to convince the government representatives into helping bail out E Corp and uses FDR’s New Deal as a ploy to get them to aid the faltering financial system.

Next, we are introduced to FBI agent Dominique DiPierro (played by Grace Gummer). She is currently in the midst of investigating the F Society hack and is seen discussing the situation with Gideon.

Meanwhile, Elliot is once again seen hanging out at the neighborhood basketball court. Here, we are introduced to Ray (played by Craig Robinson), a talkative fixture who takes an interest in Elliot. However, the feelings are not mutual, as Elliot does not want to add any new variables to his day-to-day life. This being because he realizes this is when Mr. Robot sneaks his way back into his mind. Nonetheless, Ray’s eagerness to enter Elliot’s life, as well as the philosophical questions he somehow frames around people playing basketball, leaves one to assume that there is more to come from his character.

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Over on the other side of town, Angela is seen using her negotiation skills as a PR manager at E Corp. She is in the midst of a discussion with TV networks, as they attempt to book TV appearances for the E Corp executives. She is busy trying to ensure that the right terms are put in place and no damaging questions are asked while on-air.

Later, Angela meets up with Antara, an attorney that we met back in season 1. Angela had previously planned on filing a wrongful death suit against E Corp. However she ends up telling Antara that she is keeping her job with the company. While she intended to get inside “Evil Corp” to take it down from within, it is clear that her motives have taken a complete 360. She even goes as far as telling Antara that she fully enjoys working for the unethical corporation. While Antara tries to convince her otherwise, Angela is receiving enough recognition through her employment at E Corp that it has now overshadowed the hatred she once had for the company.

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Elliot once again encounters Ray while at the basketball court. After a brief conversation, Elliot comes to the realization that he has talked to Ray more than he can recall. Thus, he rushes home and confronts Mr. Robot – as he knows it was him who had conversed with Ray. Mr. Robot tells Elliot that he is going to make him realize that “they see [him].” While Elliot is doing everything in his power to rid of his alter ego, Mr. Robot is not ready to leave any time soon.  Mr. Robot is determined to get Elliot back with the F Society crew. However, this is exactly what Elliot does not want to happen. Nevertheless, the internal struggle continues as neither Elliot, nor Mr. Robot, is able to completely take over.

Lastly, Gideon is seen hanging out a bar. While there, he begins talking with a man who brings up the whole hacking situation. Gideon admits that while he has been involved in everything, he feels that there is something bigger than him going on. The man unfavorably calls Gideon a “crisis actor,” as he has evidently been affected by the financial crisis that has resulted from the E Corp hack (which Gideon’s company formerly provided security for). He then takes out a gun and shoots Gideon right in the throat.

rami malek mr robot 2016

At the end of the premiere, Elliot is seen picking up a phone at his mother’s house. On the other end is Tyrell’s distinct voice laughing and saying, “Bonsoir, Elliot.”

You can catch more Mr. Robot next Wednesday, July 20 on USA.