Most Adorable Pet Costumes for Halloween

top 10 pet costumes 2015 dogs

Halloween is no longer just a holiday celebrated by those on two legs. There is an increasing amount of Halloween costumes available for your favorite companion: your pet. From an Egyptian pharaoh to a hamburger, there really isn’t a costume that you can’t find for your pet. Therefore, I have compiled a list of what I believe are the 10 cutest Halloween costumes for pets of 2015.

star wars cat yoda ears

Star Wars Yoda Ears

With the upcoming Star Wars movie coming out in December, they have released a line of pet costumes in theme of the infamous sci-fi franchise. I thought one of the most notable from the collection is the Yoda Ears. Designed with a fitted cap, the little green ears stay perfectly positioned atop your pet’s head. In addition, the costume has LucasFilms stamp of approval on it, so even Star Wars fanatics can justify this fun purchase.

raptor pet costume halloweenPlanet Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume

As the product description boasts, your pet will look “dangerously cute” in this dinosaur costume. Designed by Animal Planet, the costume is in the shape of Raptor and even includes the little arms that stick out as your dog/cat runs around the house. The costume comes in sizes small, medium and X-large, so it can fit virtually any pet. If you are going to dress your animal up, you might as well make them feel intimidating!

shark dogShark Pet Costume

Although Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance was quite a while ago, it isn’t too late to get on the “left shark” fun. This costume is a bright blue and white, pullover that makes it look like your pet got swallowed up by a shark. Your pet will look so cute; it will forgive you for making it look like a shark’s lunch!

lady gaga pupPop Sensation Dog Costume

To celebrate Lady Gaga’s new role on American Horror Story: Hotel, I thought it was only fitting to include a “Pop Sensation” dog costume. The description explains the look perfectly saying, “[your pet] will go ruff ruff when you prance into the dog park with your furry friend dressed in this divine pop sensation dog costume.”  The costume consists of a blonde wig, black glasses and a sparkly black bodysuit.

headless horseman pet costumeTop Paw Pet Halloween Headless Horseman Rider Costume

This one is definitely one of my favorites. You can get your pet into the spirit of Halloween, by turning them into the trusty stead of the headless horseman. This costume features a little headless horseman figure that mounts the back of your companion pet.

octopussy pet costumeOctopus Cat or Dog Costume

Turn your cat (or small dog) into a deep-water sea creature with this bright purple octopus costume. The headpiece includes 8 tentacles and big eyes that are positioned atop your animal’s head.

mermaid cat costumeKitty of the Sea Mermaid Costume

Also in the theme of under-the-sea is this “Kitty of the Sea” mermaid costume. This costume features a full tail and bikini like top that is decked out in sparkly green sequins. Although you pet may not be the most mobile when wearing this costume (I recommend this costume for photo ops rather than casual wear), they will be able to embrace their inner Ariel and that’s what matters most, right?

donald trump pet costumeDonald Trump Pet Wig

While it may not be the cutest costume in the world, I couldn’t resist adding a Donald Trump wig to the list. With this clever wig your pet can embody the most controversial candidate of the presidential race. This costume is handmade by a user of Etsy and most likely will only be offered for a limited time (i.e. as long as Donald continues to make headlines). In addition, you will be able to get in on the social media phenomenon, “Trumping your Pet.”

cat mouse pet costumeMouse Cat Costume

If you are already planning to dress your pet up in a costume, you might as well make it a costume of one of their greatest enemies. As the description puts it, “cats love chasing mice, and now your cat can become one for a night…” This adorable costume includes a soft grey hoodie that has huge mousey ears sticking out.

lion pup pet costumeLion Pet Costume

Even the smallest cat or dog can feel like the king of the jungle in this lion costume. The get-up features a hood that is adorned with a bushy lion mane. The pullover is available in sizes x-small to x-large. Designed by Martha Stewart, this lion costume is “perfect for a Halloween party.”