Matt Visser talks ‘Supernatural’ and werewolf ladies drinking free

matt visser talks supernatural and werewolf ladies drinking free 2017 images

Matt Visser talks 'Supernatural' and werewolf ladies drinking free 2017 images

In the Supernatural episode “Ladies Drink Free,” Matt Visser plays Justin – a werewolf barkeep. His most recent work includes a couple of TV movies, Murder She Baked: Just Desserts and Britney Ever After. The episode itself was essentially a “monster of the week” – with an appearance by one of our favorite Wayward Daughters, Claire Novak (played by the lovely Kathryn Newton), thrown in …

Tell us about your experience working on Supernatural. As a werewolf, the makeup must have been … interesting?

Haha yes it was. Very interesting. I got moldings made for my teeth that looked unreal. Took quite a bit of time getting used to those! In my head I was expecting something kinda sexy, ya know ‘twilight-esque,’ but they were very dog like, very real, wildly unattractive.

The fingernails were extremely tough to work with, they looked amazing. But small tasks like eating dinner or even pulling your pants down to go to the bathroom were rather difficult. There’s a few people on set I’ll forever be indebted to as a result of that.

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What did you enjoy most about your time spent on the set of Supernatural?

The people. Every single department has their routines, and it was so fun to be a part of all of it. Even the early mornings in the hair and makeup trailer; Jensen would put his tunes on.  Jared and Jensen blasting “Crash Into Me” at 8 am was the best start to a set day I’ve ever had. They know how to enjoy themselves, and it makes it such a fun environment to work in.

What scene did you find the most difficult?

Our big fight scene was pretty difficult physically. We really put a lot into it. It was great working with Jared and Jensen though because they’re both tall guys like myself so we all felt comfortable really getting into it.

This was my first fight scene ever though, so getting to do something athletic on set after being an athlete for most of my life was a really amazing opportunity. They’re obviously fairly athletic guys themselves so we really just didn’t hold back and went at it and I think it really showed.

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What was the funniest thing to happen whilst on set?

Jared and Jensen were on the final leg of a juice cleanse. Jensen had lost about 15 lbs but Jared had lost a lot more and was withering away slowly, counting the minutes until it ended. He had apparently dropped down to the same weight he was when they shot the pilot. That being said they were in such great spirits and we joked about it non-stop. We had some good laughs about shooting a fight scene while Jared was periodically slipping in and out of consciousness.

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Do you have any upcoming projects to share?

I’ll be playing Logan Dekiezer on ABC’s Somewhere Between, a series airing late summer starring Paula Patton, Devon Sawa and JR Bourne. I can’t say too much about the series or the role, but it’s an amazing opportunity to playing something I never have before so I can’t wait.