Martellus Bennett doesn’t need video on NFL celebrations, he knows how to party

martellus bennett doesn't need video on nfl celebrations he knows how to party 2017 images

martellus bennett doesn't need video on nfl celebrations he knows how to party 2017 images

Martellus Bennett Goes on Rant About Proposed NFL Celebrations Training Video for Players

You know how the NFL hates its players and the idea of anyone having fun while playing football? Well, they’re about to take it to a whole new level.

“We’re developing an educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations,” tweeted Troy Vincent, executive vice president of NFL football operations.

That’s right; the league wants all its players to sit down, shut up, and watch this video so they know exactly what the almighty Roger Goodell expects from them. The NFL is like an overbearing parent. Or a crazy dictatorship that hates the idea of its citizens doing anything that might be fun.

Needless to say, Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett had quite a bit to say on the topic.

“An educational training video on celebrations? Spend that money on something else like a video on investments or something that will help the players,” Bennett ranted on Twitter. “Who gives a shit what guys do when they celebrate. Do something impactful. Y’all wasting guys time with this shit. Let the players express their individuality and creativity. Y’all gonna make an educational video on how we should talk next?”

While he may be outspoken and quick to run his mouth about anything the league does, Bennett’s intelligence can’t be overlooked. The man understands the culture in the NFL and around the world of sports better than any of us, and he has a real tap on what the players want and need.

“See the NFL promotes the logos, not the players. The NBA promotes its players. Big difference. NFL knows players won’t be around long, so they invest all resources into the building team logos for longevity. That’s the constant variable. Except for the QB position. That’s why they’re the face of the franchise. NBA, on the other hand, they can invest in the players being the face of the entire league. Look at the advertising of both.”

LeBron James is the face of the NBA right now, the New England Patriots are the face of the NFL right now. There’s a big difference. Granted, football is, arguably, much more of a team sport than basketball, but the difference is clear. Players in the NBA are encouraged to develop their own brand. Michael Jordan was the original master of self-branding in basketball. That’s why his shoes are still Nike’s top seller a decade after his retirement.

Will the NFL ever wise up and start allowing players more control over themselves? Probably not. Celebrations have been a part of the game since it was invented, but they are in serious jeopardy under Goodell.