Mark Salling Already Out On $20K Bail After Child Porn Arrest

Mark Salling Already Out On $20K Bail 2015 gossip

Mark Salling Already Out On $20K Bail 2015 gossipEmmy-winning actor for “Glee,’ Mark Salling was arrested on Tuesday on child pornography charges after a morning raid by Los Angeles police, but he walked right back out on the streets after having a $20K bail set.

That low amount seems like nothing with such a charge, but after investigating, this seems to be in line with most bail’s set for adults having child pornography. While many people arrested on drug charges will have a much more astronomical bail set, so this seems rather out of line if bail is to be set according to criminal charges. Especially when authorities are claiming to have found ‘thousands’ of underage images. Anyone possessing more than 600 images can be punished with up to five years in prison.

It’s claimed that cops were forced to use a battering ram as Salling apparently ignored or didn’t hear the repeated knocks on his door at 7 a.m. Sources say he was rather surprised to find his front door broken into it and police everywhere.

“I would imagine that would surprise anybody,” said Lt. Andrea Grossman of the LAPD Internet crimes against children task force. “There were more than 100 (images),” said Grossman, adding they included “disturbing” pictures of prepubescent children.

His computer and other electronic devices were reportedly seized by cops after Salling refused to tell them his password.

Interestingly, Hollywood hasn’t been so shocked about the arrest, but residents of the very rural neighborhood were quite shocked.

“It’s so wrong,” said neighbor Robyn Phipps, 47, as she rode past on her horse. “There are kids everywhere around here.”

After less than eight hours, Salling posted bail and was free to go at 2:30 pm.

mark salling home where police raided for child pornography 2015 gossipThe house where Salling was residing belongs to long-time roommate Jonathan Hernandez, who, sources say, is already distancing himself as police will more than likely be investigating anyone and everyone who has resided or been to the house.

It is being alleged that Salling’s ex-girlfriend Roxanne Gorzela sent the tip in about the child pornography and authorities investigated first, making sure that it wasn’t just a revenge tactic as the two had recently been through the legal system together.

In 2011, Roxanne Gorzela claimed he forced her to have unprotected sex and then when she confronted him several days later, he pushed her to the ground injuring her knees.

It was reported that the case was settled midway through trial after Gorzela dropped the sexual battery claim.

Salling admitted to negligently causing her to fall and injure herself. She is not believed to have been the woman who tipped off the authorities.

The actor was reduced to a sometimes co-star on Ryan Murphy‘s “Glee,” and after the series ended it’s run this year, he had mentioned creating his own show. When charges of child pornography hit any celebrity, that is the death knell to their career, whether they are guilty or not. If you have to ask who Paula Poundstone is, that’s a shining example.