Mariah Carey vs Taraj P Henson’s Empire & Derrick Rose Group Action Suit

derrick rose group rape action suit 2015 gossip

Friday is here and there are a lot of juicy stories to tell. Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose is being accused of Cosby style drugging and rape, Kim Kardashian exerts her force to keep Amber Rose and Black Chyna in line and Mariah Carey seems to rubbing Taraj P. Henson’s “Empire” the wrong way.

derrick rose group rape action suit 2015 gossipDerrick Rose Accused of Rape

These basketball players get a bad rep. They are accused of everything under the sun so it really comes as no surprise the Derrick Rose has been accused of rape.

The Chicago Bulls point guard has denied claims that he and two of his friends actually broke into a woman’s apartment, drugged and raped her.

“I am just focusing on staying healthy and getting ready for the season… “I am not going to comment other than to say — I know the truth, and am confident I will be proven innocent.”

In a civil complaint filed against him, it alleges that Rose, Ryan Allen, and Randall Hampton did the deed in August of 2013. The victim, an ex of Rose, also claims that there were many other sexual acts he tried to get her to do during their two year relationship, including having sex with her friends and engaging in group sex with strangers.

There is definitely a lot going on with this story and I’m sure the truth will come out soon.

kim kardashian stopping amber rose blac chyna 2015 gossipKim Kardashian To Put a Stop to Amber Rose/ Blac Chyna TV Show

When you got it, you got it and Kim Kardashian just might have what it takes to put a major monkey wrench in two of her biggest enemies’ plans. It was announced that Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are in the works of a reality TV show and while we are assured that the show will be in good taste ( ‘um… okay) it doesn’t matter to Kim  because she doesn’t want it to happen.

Sources say that she has been trying to put a stop to the show and although it looks like she hasn’t been successful in doing so, that doesn’t necessarily mean she still can’t hinder their progress.

It’s really messed up that she has tried to stop these women from getting money. I mean, with the stuff she has done to get where she is, Kim is being petty here.

I get it, but I don’t think she is right. Yes, Amber is your husband’s ex and Blac is an ex best friend and current nemesis of your younger sister, but really Kim? What about just letting another hoe…ahem… woman get hers? Is girl power not worth putting all the drama to the side?

Oh who am I kidding? These chicks are not that mature.


 chris bosh sued by allison mathis baby daddy 2015 gossipChris Bosh Baby Momma Sues for Missed Opportunity

Allison Mathis is revisiting her countersuit from 2011 that alleges NBA Miami Heat basketball player Chris Bosh, the father of her child, blocked her from an opportunity to appear on the reality TV show “Basketball Wives.”

I wouldn’t necessarily called it an opportunity because I mean come on, to get on TV and make a fool of yourself and probably speak ill of your famous baby daddy’s name has to stop being the come up. But he it did cost her a pretty penny. She is suing Bosh for $2 million in punitive damages because he interfered with her getting on the show by filing a lawsuit that banded “Basketball Wives” from using his name. He also banned Mathis from EVER appearing on the show.

The two split in 2008 and Mathis claims that Bosh has been blocking her from financial opportunities ever since.

In all fairness, I don’t blame Bosh at all. These women have sex with athletes, have their children, get child support, and then parlay that into having more kids by famous men or getting on a damn reality TV show. He had every right to stop his name from being used because that does interfere with his brand.

But that’s just my two cents.

mariah carey vs taraj p henson empire 2015 gossipThe Empire isn’t Big Enough for Mariah Carey and Taraj P. Henson

There is no doubt that Empire is one of the biggest shows on TV right now and because of that, many artists and actors want to be a part of it.

With it being close to the season two premiere, you know the rumors were bound to start swirling. From Terrance Howard not being on the show that much because of his divorce drama to there being feuds amongst stars, I am sure there is just as much going on off the cameras as there are on camera.

Well, the latest round of drama coming from the Empire camp has Taraji P. Henson and Mariah Carey possibly going at it. Apparently it has something to do with Henson feeling like Carey is not a good look for the show.

We will see for sure if the rumors of tension are true as I am sure any beef will spill over onto the camera.