‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 213 Bombs Ready for Reunion Part 1

love hip hop hollywood 213 reunion 1 2015 images

We are to the point that every “Love & Hip Hop” franchise gets to where the gloves come off and the truth is told – The reunion episodes. This week it’s the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s” turn, and we got a full dose of the cast and a lot was cleared up but still so much more remains to be said… which will be done next week in part two. But for now, here is what you need to know about the part one.

Ray J and Princess along with Teairra Mari take the stage first and, of course, their storyline is all kinds of jacked up. We find out that Princess and Ray are indeed engaged, and it is clear that it was a tough road because according to Ray, TM told him as soon as Princess it out of the way, she’s going to be back in his bed. She is such a sorry excuse, man, I swear.

Moniece is also on the stage, and when asked why she “went there” with Princess when she and TM met and fought on the rooftop restaurant, she says because Princess say things that are triggers for her. Then, Princess says something about her not having a roof over her head and Moniece, this grown ass woman, walks out muttering her “safe word.” I understand why she does it, but it comes off completely childish.

Speaking of Moniece, Rich is there and we, along and Moniece, find out that they are not together anymore. Apparently, after everything went down with them on screen, Rich texted her, and they actually got back together. But, because they have been on the rocks for a while and according to Fizz, Rich wanted a way out of the relationship anyway, he decided unbeknownst to Moniece that their relationship is over. This whole situation is so shady, confusing and I’m just like “whaaatttt?”

During Nikki Baby’s time on stage, she and Fizz reveal that Rich, during his conversation with Moniece’s baby daddy, said that he felt she still had feelings for him and thus that might be a the out he has been looking for. The thing about it, Rich doesn’t deny that he said that but does say that if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, he doesn’t need help getting out of it. Apparently so Rich.

Also during their time on stage, Kaymiah is there to talk about what happened in her three-episode storyline, and she admits that she should not have confided in messy ass Jason Lee about Fizz not being able to get it up. Fizz, ever the lighthearted cutie, says, “Whatever you know my dick is good.”

Next up, Amber and her sister take the stage along with Miles, his sister, and Milan. The broken hearted rapper told herself she was not going to cry but talking about Miles telling her he is gay, she starts and has to take a moment. She gathers herself and says that her biggest issue was her daughter since Miles was like a father to her. All Miles can do is apologize, and Milan sits there, so over it all, doesn’t say much.

Brandi, Max, Willie, and Shanda are on the stage next along with Ray and Princess. Brandi talks about how crazy she is, which we all know, and Max admits that he should not have not worn his ring because he knew how it would make his wife feel. They seem to be in a good spot. When asked if she would care that Willie wasn’t wearing his ring, Shanda said no she wouldn’t because they don’t wear rings anyway. I’m not even going to touch on that.

The big event of the night centers around Moniece. Once she has calmed down and is back on stage, she is asked about being a mother to her son. Marla chimes in and says that being a mother means putting your child first. For whatever reason, Brandi, Shanda, and Amber talk from the couch and seem to be judging Moniece. They say things like, “you always put your kids first”  blah, blah, blah. Moniece tells them, in essence, to “shut the hell up” because they have no reason to be talking to her, and quite frankly, I agree with her. Then they go all ratched, ghetto, embarrassing black woman and shout “who you talking to… I’ll beat your ass” blah, blah, blah. Moniece stands up like “what,” Brandi and Shanda rush the stage and security steps in.

During this scene, all I could think, ya know, besides asking myself why the hell these reality TV women have to resort to fighting, is who would win between Brandi and Moniece? Both of them are cray, cray but honestly, I think Moniece would beat the hell out of Brandi. That’s just my opinion based on what I’ve seen on the show.

That was the first part and from what they show for next week, there is going to be a bomb dropped by someone that will shock everyone.

And we will see exactly what that is on the next episode.