LAW & ORDER: SVU Intimidation Game Gamergate Recap

LAW & ORDER SVU Intimidation Game Gamergate Recap

LAW & ORDER SVU Intimidation Game Gamergate Recap

The opening scene of this week’s “Law & Order: SVU” Intimidation Game episode showed Olivia meeting with her therapist to discuss her personal life. She told her therapist her son had a play date with other little girls and that her son Noah caused problems and broke toys during the play date. Olivia then said she was worried about how Noah would grow up, though she still intends to legally adopt her foster son.

rollins finds women beaten at gamergate for law and order svu 2015 images

Finn and Rollins at a video game convention witnessed an argument between a vendor and a convention attendee. After he left Finn and Rollins came across a suspicious individual. The vendor then went to the ladies room and was attacked by two men. Finn and Rollins were then made aware of the incident and Rollins went in to save the female vendor.

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At the station the detectives discussed the incident and said that the female vendor was assaulted because women aren’t welcome at video game conventions. Finn and Olivia then questioned the vendor to find out more details on the incident. She said she didn’t personally know the men that assaulted her.

They viewed the security footage and got glimpses of the two men who assaulted the woman. Since she is engaged to a venture capitalist the detectives debated why anyone would attack her instead. Finn and Rollins then discussed the convention with those who were in charge of running it.

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Olivia said that she had been reading articles online and worrying about Noah’s future in the world where female gamers are targeted for being women. Another (male) vendor from the convention was recruited by the detectives to help them get to the bottom of what happened. They then took him to confront the two men that attacked the female vendor. One of the men admitted that the female vendor’s breasts were nice to feel and that at point he was arrested. Though he tried to tell the detectives he was kidding they handcuffed him and carted him off anyway. The victim then viewed a lineup to confirm the man that attacked her. She then asked the detectives to keep the incident quiet for the sake of future gaming conventions.

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Through a live feed the detectives witnessed another woman being assaulted as part of this unfolding case. This turned out to be a hostage crisis situation. Finn and Rollins showed up at the scene to assist the victim, though she said her assaulters were just trying to scare her. The detectives then found out the woman who had been attacked was sent a threatening note earlier in the day from her attacker. Finn said that they needed the threatening message and that the convention employees they had questioned had to come to the police station for questioning. Then they found out female employees of the convention were threatened with promises that they would be hurt.

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The female employee, Reyna, then said she accepted liability for her safety but she refused to have police at the company’s video game conventions. The detectives then discussed having the building shut down so the convention, to be held the next day, could not take place.

At the convention the next day, Reyna introduced herself to the crowd and made a presentation about the game the convention was centered on. Reyna was then targeted with laser pointers shown on her by the men who were harassing her and had previously attacked her.  Seconds later gunshots rang out and an ominous message was played over the building’s loudspeaker. A phony security guard then grabbed Reyna and attempted to take her away. The police intervened and tackled the suspect in order to arrest him. The other man was then arrested as a kidnapper.

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Back at the station the detectives watched news coverage of the incident and then discussed it with Olivia. Detectives were then sent to a suspicious van. They stumbled upon a secret location for those who were attacking women at the video game convention. Reyna was then shown naked and crying as the men who had assaulted her broadcasted a live feed on the Internet of what they were doing to her. Detectives found this live stream but didn’t know where it was being broadcast from.

During the live stream Reyna was forced to state that women didn’t belong playing video games and they were putting themselves in danger when they did. She was then forced to tell her significant other she didn’t really love him and didn’t actually want to be with him.

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The detectives found the house the live streaming had taken place from. The homeowner was confronted but had no idea what was happening. Detectives scoured the room where the live broadcast had taken place and found guns present. The homeowner happened to be the mother of one of the men who attacked Reyna. She said that her husband passing away had been extremely upsetting to her son but that he would never use it as an excuse to rape or kill a woman. Reyna then called Rollins and begged the detectives for help as a gun was held to her head. She stated she was in a garage in the Manhattan Bridge.

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The detectives went there and confronted Reyna’s attackers. Gunshots were fired and Olivia released Reyna from the restraints her attackers had placed her in. Rollins then arrested one of the attackers and detectives shot the other one because he ran from them. The attackers stated that Reyna took the one thing they had.

ice t finn shooting bulge shots at olivia for law and order svu 2015 images recap

Back at the station Finn and Olivia discussed the fact that he knew video games were different from real life. Olivia had to then suspend Finn and take his gun and badge because he killed one of the attackers. The one who was arrested made the decision to go in front of a jury to decide his fate. The detectives told Reyna she didn’t deserve to endure what happened to her and this brought the story to its conclusion, leaving viewers with needed closure.